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Porn Actress Accuses Trump of Improper Behavior

The Donald is dying the death of a thousand cuts. In his public life, he bragged about his sexual conquests–which included married women. Republican voters nominated him in spite of that known baggage. Under the radar, however, many otherwise stalwart conservative women questioned whether they could support him. Then, the bombshell dropped: footage of him […]

Madonna Does a Nina Burleigh

This is shocking… :O

Potential Libel at TWW

Here is what I am talking about. According to the known facts: (a) The youth pastor was downright reckless–or, worse, grooming the 16-year-old for a relationship–in speaking of his marital issues to the teen. (IMHO, the church should have fired him right then and there, but I can understand the case for not going that […]

Feminism Kills

May feminism rot in Hell.

Feminist Funnies: Science is Sexist Because It Isn’t Subjective

I can’t make this crap up. Feminism is worse than a pandemic. Aside from the death toll exceeding 60 million, it promotes stupidity. While feminists often accuse Christians of denying science, history shows that not only is that factually incorrect, but rather that feminists are guilty of projection on that front. If there were ever […]

Feminist Writer: We Need to End “Orgasm Privilege”

Those sexually-repressed feminists…I mean, seriously. I had coffee coming out of my nose when I read that one. Feminism typically provides entertainment for me at their expense.

Trump is Done

Locker-room trash talk is one thing, this is another. Get ready for 4 years of Hillary. While Trump denies the allegations, keep in mind that he is in no position to defend himself on this. This is because, while he is a married man, he was known to venture outside that realm. If you brag […]

Trump, the GOP, and P*ssygate

Earlier this year, during the primary season, a friend of mine–LF–who was one of the original “Trump Cultists”–I shall refer to them as the TrumpTrain–insisted that Trump was the only GOP candidate who could win. He insisted that Trump’s baggage was no big deal, as he was honest about his extramarital affairs, and “his life […]

Electyle Dysfunction 2016: The Veep Debate

In most Presidential election seasons, the Vice Presidential debate is little more than a meaningless sideshow. When the Veep candidates get together, their objective is not so much to hit it out of the park but rather to (a) look Presidential and (b) don’t do anything really stupid. A Veep candidate can give the upper […]

Electyle Dysfunction 2016: Presidential Debate #1

The first face-off between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was exactly what I expected: (1) Trump would go in largely unprepared, and deliver a lackluster performance; (2) Hillary would go in very prepared, and deliver a lackluster performance that exceeded her lowered expectations; (3) the moderator would show clear bias toward […]

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