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Behe Pwns PZ Myers

Whereas PZ Myers attacks Michael Behe with rhetoric, Behe responds with math and science. (HT: Farmer Tom)

Sovereign Grace Ministries in More Trouble

This time, even the otherwise-cozy fellows at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary have decided SGM is too much of a hot potato. Make no mistake: this is a very big deal. Here’s how it typically works: in order to get into an MDiv program, you generally have to obtain a 4-year degree from an accredited college. […]

MH-17: My $0.02

Either (a) someone majorly screwed up or (b) the shootdown of MH-17 was a false flag op designed to stoke backlash against Russia and, more specifically, President Vladimir Putin. While I would give either of the scenarios a 50/50 chance, for the sake of this discussion I am going to operate on the premise that […]

The Burger King Employee of the Year

This dumb broad has quite the future.

Culture Wars in the Baptist Ranks

During my days at SBTS, the conservatives were gaining strength while the liberals were making their last stand. To put it charitably, the place was a battle zone. The opposition I encountered typically fell into two groups: (1) those who were completely opposed to all things Biblical; (2) those who were otherwise conservative, but didn’t […]

Sovereign Grace Ministries Apparently Circling the Drain

Until SGM confronts Mahaney head-on, exposes the family jewels at Covenant Life Church, and brings in a whole new crop of leaders who are both discerning and transparent, they are heading for the ash heap of evangelical rubble. (HT: Brent Detwiler)


Moira Greyland, writing to the The Guardian (emphasis added): Greyland, writing to the Guardian via email, said that she had not spoken out before “because I thought that my mother’s fans would be angry with me for saying anything against someone who had championed women’s rights and made so many of them feel differently about […]

The SFWA: Conservatives and Libertarians Need Not Apply, Pedophiles OK

If you haven’t been keeping up with the back-and-forth, Vox Day has done an excellent job hoisting the SFWA on its own petard. Here is his latest. The SFWA should fund the Jerry Sandusky Endowed Professorship at Penn State University.

IRS Email Scandal: Multiple Deliberate, Wanton Felonies

To anyone who believes the official IRS line that Lois Lerner’s emails were destroyed because her hard drive crashed, or because the backup process didn’t work correctly: I have oceanfront property in Wyoming for sale. If the emails are missing, then in fact it is only so due to multiple deliberate, wanton felonies by policymakers […]

Embracing the Suck: Preservation Pedal 2014

After two century rides in 6 weeks–the Redbud Ride and the Horsey Hundred–I approached the Preservation Pedal with a cautious optimism. At the Redbud Ride, I suffered a nasty crash at mile 16, but managed to get up and ride the remaining 84 miles to finish well. 6 weeks later, at the Horsey Hundred, my […]

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