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Doug Phillips in Hot Water

Singleman alerted me to this story. First, some stipulations: (a) Doug Phillips is entitled to his day in court. (b) If he goes that route, he will have the opportunity to tell his side of the story–and confront his accuser–and a jury would have to weigh evidence to determine his culpability or innocence. (Since this […]

Wreck at Mile 16: After-Action Report for 2014 Redbud Ride

Last year, I decided to ride the Horsey Hundred. While I was experienced at endurance sports—having finished several marathons and an ultra-marathon—I hadn’t trained for it. Still, I rode patiently, stayed within my limits, and braved the killer hills of Clifton to finish my first century ride comfortably. It took me just north of nine […]

Dying Young

When I graduated from High School, someone gave me a little book, the theme of which was that life takes turns which completely change the direction of our lives, for forever. Recently my girls’ daddy passed away unexpectedly, and their very young lives have taken a turn that has already changed their lives for forever. […]

Another Church Leader Goes Down

The hits keep coming.

Russia Does About-Face on West

During the Cold War, President Reagan appealed to the God-and-country base in America, contrasting the Christian values on which America was founded with the godless, totalitarian sham that was the Soviet Union. When Reagan confronted the Soviets, he derided their “Evil Empire”, calling attention to their horrible, murderous track record. Thirty years later, as Pat […]

Happy Atheist Day!

What better day to honor folks like Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens than April Fool’s Day!

Academic Oppression of Christians: Fact vs. Fiction

As I reviewed of the movie God’s Not Dead (GND), one of my biggest gripes was the lack of realism in the plot, particularly the way the conflict between the fictional Professor Radisson and freshman Josh Wheaton materialized. It began with Radisson, a philosophy professor, taking the first day of an introductory philosophy class and […]

God’s Not Dead, but the Movie Sucks

MrsLarijani and I watched God’s Not Dead (GND) last night. We had heard good things about it, as opposed to Noah and Son of God. Moreover, others in our church small group wanted to see it. So, we went to a theater in Lexington. I was sorely disappointed. It may be a step up from […]

Movie Disappointment: God’s Not Dead

MrsLarijani and myself–with our church small group–saw God’s Not Dead last night. It was a major disappointment on several levels. More later.

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