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God Bless Vox Day!

I know he didn’t create the SJW list, but, to his credit, his blog was an integral forum through which the idea emerged among his readership (aka “The Dread Ilk”). What is the big deal here? Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are activists–almost always left-wing, but there are exceptions on the right–who target their opponents for […]

Zelizer Misses It on Clinton Sex Scandal

And no, I’m not talking about the Monica scandal, but rather the Gennifer Flowers scandal. This is his piece on the quickie that served as a mere speedbump for Clinton in the 1992 election season. Clinton was able to move past that scandal not because Americans had been moving leftward, but rather because (1) Bush […]

THIS is Why Theology of Marriage Matters

WARNING: YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE A NICE, HOT SHOWER AFTER READING THE LINKED ARTICLE, AS YOU WILL FEEL VERY DIRTY. Given the level of permissiveness that Western Civilization is embracing, I am not surprised that this trend is emerging among high society. It is yet another reason why the witness of The Church, and […]

Another High-Profile North Korean Defects

If this report is correct, then what we have here is a very high-value defection. In this case, the defector is someone who was well-connected in the country’s intelligence establishment. If he can name names and provide both strategic and operational knowledge, then this will be huge. When North Korean fighter pilot No Kum-sok (Kenneth […]

NYT Story on Triathlon Cheater Julie Miller

In all sports, you’re going to have some people who violate the integrity of the sport. From spitballs to steroids to blood doping, cheating is nothing new. In endurance sports, doping is not uncommon among elite athletes, although technology appears to be catching up. Athletes who pass drug tests today, may fail them years later, […]

Wrong Question by TWW

Our friends at The Wartburg Watch have wondered aloud whether there is a lack of discernment among the Mahaney Admiration Society. Wrong question. The right question is not whether they have the ability to discern the truth, but whether they even want to know the truth. Maybe, as the fictional Col. Jessup said, “[they] can’t […]

“Life is a story of suffering.”

Over at Donal Graeme, one of his commenters, Michael Kozaki, has written an excellent guest post titled, Life is Suffering. Mr. Kozaki starts off writing on a topic that has been presented out here before: Few Christians embrace suffering nowadays. A thumbs-up, therapeutic Jesus is in vogue. No historic follower of Jesus would have recognized […]

Done With Cruz

Exhibit A: Cruz dodges the question about infidelity Exhibit B: Cruz phone number is on the DC Madam client list. Read them for yourselves. And vote for whomever you wish. Here’s my take: Cruz is just like Ame’s ex. Very intelligent, knows how to say the right things, and has a public persona that appeals […]

Cruz, Houghton, and Other Christians With Zipper Issues

NOTE: LANGUAGE WARNING —- I say this as someone who looked at Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as a potential standard-bearer for conservatism. He has an impressive pedigree as a Constitutional attorney and Solicitor General who argued before the Supreme Court, taking cases (such as the Heller case, that the NRA didn’t even want to touch) […]

Facebook Responses

Sometimes I post things on facebook just to see how people will react. About a week ago I did just that when I posted this on facebook: Wives: 1. Respect your husband. 2. Submit to your husband in everything. 3. Rock his world in the bedroom. The ONLY responses I received were from our own […]

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