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Romance 101 via Dalrock

Saw this recently …. and from a married woman’s pov … YES! When I was 16 I dated a boy for a good length of time (I don’t remember how long, exactly, but it was more along the line of months rather than years). One thing we did together a lot was play board games, […]

A Feminist, Bisexual, Pro-Abortion Feminist Repents

LifeSiteNews chronicles the story of Sara Fernanda Giromin. #ToHellWithFeminism

Great Lesson About Islam

This is priceless.

Rick Warren is At It Again

Besides the ignoramuses of America–of which there seems to be no shortage–who on earth does Rick Warren think he’s kidding?

Pastor Saeed and Domestic Abuse Allegations

I must admit, I’ve grown skeptical over the years regarding domestic abuse. Why? For every case of abuse, I’ve seen at least two fabricated sets of allegations. (No exaggeration, either.) Usually, the latter are either (a) women seeking to get out of a marriage to a man whom they no longer love, or (b) women […]

The Gospel Coalition = Good Old Boys Network

The Gospel Coalition has become an embarrassment. It’s all well and good to stand for sound doctrine, and we do that here, too. But none of that is worth a used roll of toilet paper if you refuse to hold accountable those member churches–particularly their elders–who cover for abusers.

One year ago today…

…a young woman in the Cincinnati area played in a college basketball game. But not just any game. You see, she had an inoperable brain tumor, and it was touch-and-go as to whether she’d see 2015. But thanks to her school, the planned opponent, another local school, and the NCAA, her dream came true. And it didn’t […]

Ironman Louisville 2015: After Action Report

Going into IMLOU2015, I felt cautiously optimistic. On the positive side: (1) In spite of having so many difficulties learning to swim, that came together in mid-August. Prior to that, I had a strong chance of failing to make it out of the water. But two weeks before IMLOU, I nailed a 2.4-mile open-water swim. […]

Doug Wilson

Go do what Dick Cheney told Pat Leahy to do on the Senate floor, you wolf in sheep’s clothing. That is all.

Brutal Century Ride: Hub City Tour 2015 (One More Brick To Go)

In my quest to complete an Ironman triathlon–I signed up for Ironman Louisville (IMLOU), which is in 4 weeks from yesterday–I have taken up century (100+ mile) rides as training runs. In 2013, I completed the Horsey Hundred; it was my first organized bike ride. That convinced me that I might be able to pull […]

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