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Baptist Congregation in DC Calls Lesbian Couple as “Co-Pastors”

I cannot say that I am surprised at this. It is what you ultimately get when you disavow the truth. Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, DC parted ways with the Southern Baptist Convention a few years ago. While I can think of plenty of good reasons why a church might to that, theirs were not […]

May They Rot in Hell

Religious leaders “blessing” the opening of a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Every Christian Needs To Read This

Rosaria Butterfield, a former professor at Syracuse University–and who departed the LGBT community when she received Jesus Christ–weighed in on Jen Hatmaker’s endorsement of gay “marriage”. Priceless! Hatmaker is a false teacher. I don’t throw that term–false teacher–around lightly, as I generally have a big tent when it comes to Christian preachers and teachers. Good […]

Making Science Great Again

I’ll opine more later on this. Having said that, I agree with most of what she says.

Real Housewives of ISIS

This is hilarious.

Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage, and Spouse Abuse

I’ve read Gary Thomas’s book Sacred Marriage. I found it to be very insightful, and I highly recommend it. I also agree with Thomas’s recent assessments regarding spouse abuse, although I also believe that the ranks of abusers in this are not restricted to men. Having said that, Deb at TWW raises an issue regarding […]

TWW, Francis Schaeffer, Calvinism, and Spouse Abuse

That Francis Schaeffer allegedly abused his wife (Edith Schaeffer), and had sexual issues, is not news to me. Their son, Frank Schaeffer, has written and spoken considerably regarding the baggage he inherited from his parents. The cynic in me says that Frank is telling the truth. Dee, at The Wartburg Watch, opines here, attempting–as expected–to […]

Not Surprised

Three years ago, then-women’s MMA great Ronda Rousey made some brags. She once said she could beat Floyd Mayweather; she also said she could beat then-male heavyweight champion Cain Velaasquez. Personally, I think she was just creating publicity. I made remarks along those lines back then. But the former Olympic judo medalist now has two […]

He Led Her Down The Path To…

Well, not really. In all seriousness, the only innocent parties in this one are her daughter and their son, Miguel Barahona, who was murdered. Personally, I think he was a victim of sorts at one time. I agree with the premise that she “groomed” him and aggressively initiated that relationship. She was a predator who […]

Just a Postnatal Abortion

Nothing to see here. If Packer is indeed responsible for this atrocity, then all she has done is the same thing that abortionists in America–paid to kill children in utero–do more than 3,000 times every day. Of course, I would submit that there are few things on earth more hideous and evil than parents who […]

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