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After-Action Report: Louisville Landsharks Triathlon

After my DNF at Tri Louisville in June, which was due to a mechanical problem and not a physical matter, I signed up for the Louisville Landsharks Triathlon, held at Taylorsville Lake State Park on July 24. Instead of doing the smart thing and signing up for the Sprint triathlon (1/2-mile swim, 12-mile bike, 5K […]

The Mrs.

Y’all … I just have to say … Mrs. Larijani is awesome! Amir done married well when he snagged her! Yes … I need brownie points with her … cause, apparently, I encourage certain behaviors that are not always necessarily the easiest to live with. I really wouldn’t know about that. But there was an […]

RNC Convention and Cruz v. Trump and Gingrich: Are We Past The Point of No Return?

I totally get the “alt-right” (AR) movement, which has championed the cause of Trump on the basis of nationalism. While there are many unsavory elements in the AR world, they are where they are because of decades of a GOP establishment that has overpromised and never delivered, and which has actively and passively supported an […]

Intellectual Dishonesty 101, Part 2 (TWW and the “Secret Origins” of Complimentarianism)

Here is another example of TWW’s reporting going off the rails. While they were correct in the way that Grudem, Piper, Kassian, et. al, provided the impetus for what would be the complimentarian movement in modern Christianity, I have a few issues with that presentation. (1) They seem rather obsessed that the meetings were held […]

Intellectual Dishonesty 101: TWW and Tucker vs. Kassian

First, some disclaimers: (a) I don’t know Ruth Tucker or Mary Kassian. (b) I attended SBTS from 1993-1994. Kassian was not at SBTS at the time. Quite frankly, there is no way she would have been hired in the pre-Mohler days. Back then, there were a few conservatives in the NT department, but that was […]

After-Action Report, Bike Morehead, Tri Louisville

I’m finally out from under other obligations, and can write about a new race that has been added to the Kentucky Century Challenge: Bike Morehead. Being on the third Saturday in June, Bike Morehead–which takes the place of what was the Preservation Pedal–is particularly challenging. Not only is heat and humidity a high risk, the […]

Sexual Predators: They Exist in Egalitarian Churches, Too

While I admire some of the fine work by the folks at The Wartburg Watch, I have a few pet peeves with them, among which is their inference that abusive clergy are a product of complimentarian culture. In the process, they overlook a plethora of sexual deviance among egalitarian ranks. This latest example, which resulted […]

After-Action Report: Horsey Hundred 2016

Going into the Horsey Hundred, I was aiming to do something I had never done before: complete two marathon-caliber (or higher) endurance events in consecutive weeks. On May 21, it was Toughman Indiana-Noblesville, a half-Iron (70.3) triathlon, followed by the 102-mile Horsey Hundred bike ride on May 28. My goal for the HH: take my […]

Best Satire Story

This is gold.

After-Action Report: Toughman Indiana 2016

It is kind of funny that a triathlon can be called “half-distance”–which is 70.3 miles, or half the Ironman distance–and still be an ultra-endurance event (i.e., a race that carries an endurance load exceeding that of a marathon). Toughman Indiana-Noblesville, a half-distance triathlon (1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run) just north of Indianapolis, was my […]

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