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  1. I remember Edmund quite well…..We were childhood friends. A friend of mine and I were witnessing to Edmund when he professed to already accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. Edmund, shortly after talking with my friend and I was baptised and join our Church in Cincinnati. I’m not sure what happened or why but I do know Edmund was never violent nor aggressive. If anything he had more of a type B personality and although he had an interest in firearms, he never seem to want to hurt anyone. I very sorry to hear what happened….by the Grace of God I will see him in God’s kingdom come in the Hereafter of Our Lives

    • I agree. Edmund was VERY laid-back. Definitely a Type B. While he had his interest in firearms, he was not unlike most of the folks I encountered at Knob Creek back in the day, and most of the folks I know from back then were also Christian, otherwise happily-married men and not agressive by any stretch.

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