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P.J. Smyth, His Father, and Covenant Life Church

I figured it would be a matter of time before TWW caught onto the story of John Smyth, the father of Covenant Life Church senior pastor P.J. Smyth. The elder Smyth, who ran various youth camps and also worked as an attorney advocating Christian values in the legal system, is under investigation for a mountain […]

Standard? or Double Standard?

The idea that there is a double-standard for men and women has come across my path several times in the last week, so I thought I’d explore this some. Double Standard – a situation in which two people, groups, etc., are treated very differently from each other in a way that is unfair to one […]

The Mrs.

Y’all … I just have to say … Mrs. Larijani is awesome! Amir done married well when he snagged her! Yes … I need brownie points with her … cause, apparently, I encourage certain behaviors that are not always necessarily the easiest to live with. I really wouldn’t know about that. But there was an […]

For the Bible Scholars …

I have two questions for the Bible Scholars out here: 1. God obviously condoned polygyny in the Old Testament. Did He ever reverse that? Did God ever condemn polygyny? 2.If marriage begins at consummation: Is a ceremony necessary? What role does the church have? Are vows necessary?

Setting the Standard

Deep Strength wrote a post titled The Headship Conversation. I love everything about this whole post. “This conversation is not so much as a ‘discussion’ as it will be you telling her your vision for the relationship (in terms of Biblical standards) and finding out if she is on board. The leader of the relationship […]

God Bless Vox Day!

I know he didn’t create the SJW list, but, to his credit, his blog was an integral forum through which the idea emerged among his readership (aka “The Dread Ilk”). What is the big deal here? Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are activists–almost always left-wing, but there are exceptions on the right–who target their opponents for […]

Another High-Profile North Korean Defects

If this report is correct, then what we have here is a very high-value defection. In this case, the defector is someone who was well-connected in the country’s intelligence establishment. If he can name names and provide both strategic and operational knowledge, then this will be huge. When North Korean fighter pilot No Kum-sok (Kenneth […]

“Life is a story of suffering.”

Over at Donal Graeme, one of his commenters, Michael Kozaki, has written an excellent guest post titled, Life is Suffering. Mr. Kozaki starts off writing on a topic that has been presented out here before: Few Christians embrace suffering nowadays. A thumbs-up, therapeutic Jesus is in vogue. No historic follower of Jesus would have recognized […]

Facebook Responses

Sometimes I post things on facebook just to see how people will react. About a week ago I did just that when I posted this on facebook: Wives: 1. Respect your husband. 2. Submit to your husband in everything. 3. Rock his world in the bedroom. The ONLY responses I received were from our own […]

Trying to find a church without women pastors.

Being Easter weekend, I’ve been looking online, again, at local churches. We live in an area flooded with churches, so it seems we could possibly find one? I am honestly surprised at how many churches in our area have women in the senior leadership roles in the church. I’m just not a fan of that. […]

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