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Welcome to Post-Christian America, Part 1

On Friday, the Supreme Court handed down its “gay marriage” ruling, single-handedly throwing out thousands of years of law, fact, and history and redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, and imposing that on all fifty states. In doing so, SCOTUS has dismantled most of what remains of our connection to common law. This is the […]

SGM Continues to Circle the Drain

More on this later in the week.

Kagan Looking Less Likely

In May, I mused that Kagan is probably a sacrificial lamb, and that Obama will end up nominating someone else–perhaps even more liberal than she is–in her stead. She’s now looking like a slightly more polished, left-leaning version of Harriet Miers. Right now, I’d say she will probably get the confirmation. But it may very […]

SCOTUS: Elena Kagan is a Sacrificial Lamb

The latest SCOTUS nominee–Elena Kagan–has enough problems to irritate both sides of the political spectrum. My take: she is a diversion, and will be a sacrificial lamb. Obama’s next pick will probably be more liberal than Kagan, but–unless he loses most of his support among Senate Democrats–will be confirmed. And that is as it should […]

Looney Justice Stevens to Retire

Considering that he replaced William O. Douglas, John Paul Stevens was probably an improvement to SCOTUS. That said, he was a looney whose appointment was one of Ford’s worst acts as President. Sadly, President Guevara will be picking the replacement. HT: FOX News.

Another Challenge to Roe v. Wade?

A man who intentionally gave his girlfriend a drug that induced abortion–twice–is now facing FIRST DEGREE MURDER charges. It can’t be murder if the unborn child is not a person. SCOTUS needs to set the record straight here. Why do we allow women and doctors to conspire to murder their children while threatening a man […]

SCOTUS Pushes USA Closer to Socialism

04/03/2007: The same group of winners who handed us the Kelo decision–which effectively destroys free markets by allowing government even greater carte blanche to seize private assets–have now given federal government the authority to seize assets “to save the earth”. This is why Czech President Viclav Klaus rightfully called radical environmentalism “the new communism”. Now, […]

Mohler Reflects on Berkowitz, SCOTUS

07/09/2006: Al Mohler, in his latest blog, reflects on Peter Berkowitz’s assessment of the direction of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), and its implications for Christians. Berkowitz, from a legal standpoint, is right on the money. SCOTUS, since the 1960s–arguably before then–has been moving in the direction of individual freedoms with respect to issues tied to […]

Scalia Gives Critics the Finger

03/28/2006: Well, considering what he has to put up with, I can’t say that I blame him.

Mississippi Swings for Fences on Abortion

03/01/2006: Mississippi, following South Dakota’s lead, is now looking to ban most abortions. If this becomes law in Mississippi–and it will if it reaches Republican governor Haley Barbour’s desk–we will be seeing another potential showdown with the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). Like Cal Thomas pointed out yesterday, this is a risky approach by two pro-life states. […]

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