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Assessing Team Trump

In the first three weeks of his Presidency, President Trump has doused gasoline on the system and lit the match. For both better and worse. (a) His first press conference included a dismissal of CNN as “fake news”. (It was deserved on their end.) (b) His Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, stepped in it by making […]

Reynolds Nails It

I’ve long had a theory about Donald Trump and his use of Twitter: he uses it as a smokescreen. The left, particularly MSM, complains of his reactions to issues via Twitter, and Hillary Clinton, in her campaign, suggested that his temperament is not up to the office, given that he “can be baited by a […]

A Real Presidential Farewell Address

From The Gipper, HT to Men Of The West.

Russian Ambassador Shot Dead in Turkey

Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, never had a chance. His assassination was caught on video. The assassin, a Turkish police officer, was supposed to be providing security. Russians and Turks have historically been unfriendly; their differences are ethnic, cultural, and religious. The Turkish shootdown of a Russian aircraft had already stoked recent tensions; […]

Russian “Hacking”, The Smokescreen for Hillary’s Defeat

Let’s get a few things straight: (1) There is no evidence that one ballot box was hacked by Russians. (2) Any “hacking” by the Russians involved e-mail servers and accounts of people connected to the DNC. (3) The primary leaker of the damaging information, Julian Assange, insists that the Russians were not the source of […]

Trumpslide 2016: Post-Mortem, and What Now?

Fair disclosure: I held my nose and voted for Trump. While I did not vote for him in the primary elections–I voted for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had pretty much suspended his campaign by the time the Kentucky caucus had arrived–I was determined to do what I could to slam […]

Porn Actress Accuses Trump of Improper Behavior

The Donald is dying the death of a thousand cuts. In his public life, he bragged about his sexual conquests–which included married women. Republican voters nominated him in spite of that known baggage. Under the radar, however, many otherwise stalwart conservative women questioned whether they could support him. Then, the bombshell dropped: footage of him […]

Madonna Does a Nina Burleigh

This is shocking… :O

Trump is Done

Locker-room trash talk is one thing, this is another. Get ready for 4 years of Hillary. While Trump denies the allegations, keep in mind that he is in no position to defend himself on this. This is because, while he is a married man, he was known to venture outside that realm. If you brag […]

Trump, the GOP, and P*ssygate

Earlier this year, during the primary season, a friend of mine–LF–who was one of the original “Trump Cultists”–I shall refer to them as the TrumpTrain–insisted that Trump was the only GOP candidate who could win. He insisted that Trump’s baggage was no big deal, as he was honest about his extramarital affairs, and “his life […]

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