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The fall of Bobby Petrino: a long time coming

As promised, I’m continuing with my posts on the Bobby Petrino scandal. This time, I’ll focus on the man himself. Since his story has been beaten to death throughout the sports media, I won’t go into any great detail. However, as I see it, it’s yet another example of that cautionary saying: character matters. Pat […]

Common sense out of Arkansas

I’ll have more to say on the firing of Bobby Petrino, but I’ll start by saying that I’m pleasantly surprised that Jeff Long showed he was an athletic director, not just an athletic supporter (to shamelessly steal a past line of Amir’s). Then again, Long didn’t have much choice in the matter. Arkansas was staring […]

Tiger Woods Still Struggles

While Tiger Woods had seemed to be on the rebound of late, his performance at the 2012 Masters was a major setback. He appeared to be on the rise, going into a tournament that he once dominated, on a course where he is a perennial threat. He fell. Hard. It’s the same sad story: Tiger […]

Treat Danica Patrick

like one of the guys. She earned it. To her credit, she has chosen to compete in the same field as the men, playing by the same rules, getting no special favors. Whereas golf courses move the women’s tees closer to the hole, neither NASCAR nor IRL spots woman drivers any leads over their male […]

Phil Destroys Tiger at Pebble Beach

I thought for sure that I would be blogging about Tiger’s return to victory. It was not to be. It would be very difficult for Tiger Woods to be encouraged from his latest PGA showing, this time at Pebble Beach. Phil Mickelson absolutely destroyed him in the final round. To be fair, Tiger has regained […]

Tebow Delivers One More Time

Yesterday’s Steelers-Broncos game was unbelievable. Tebow had been worse than mediocre in his last three starts, and–going against the hardcore Pittsburgh defense–the prognosis did not look particularly encouraging. While the Steelers were without some key players, it’s not like Tebow had been lighting up the world of late. There had even been some reports that […]

Hope This Isn’t True

Former Chicago Bears wide receiver and track and field star Willie Gault has been accused of securities fraud by the SEC. I remember Gault. He was not a great receiver, but had blinding speed which always made him a threat in long pass situations. He was not an insignificant part of Super Bowl XX–in which […]

The Anti-Tebow Brigade

Broncos QB and former NCAA standout Tim Tebow is a divisive figure. Most people either love him or hate him. Among his admirers: religious conservatives, Broncos fans, Tebow’s teammates, and folks like myself who admire hard-working, clean-cut, no BS professionals who walk the talk. Among his detractors: washed-up quarterbacks who want to be relevant (Jake […]

Random Thoughts

(1) Tim Tebow was impressive yesterday. I’ve long maintained–and still do–that Tim Tebow is not a good passer. He’s a hard worker, a great competitor, and has a great attitude. There is plenty of room for him in the NFL in the long run, but his longevity as a QB is probably going to be […]

Questions for the Penn State Trustees

(1) Has the FBI been notified? If this matter is as serious as the reports appear to be, then there is NO way that any internal investigation, or even an investigation by local or campus police, or even an investigation by the state police, can be trusted, as there are too many potential actors–across a […]

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