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God’s Not Dead, but the Movie Sucks

MrsLarijani and I watched God’s Not Dead (GND) last night. We had heard good things about it, as opposed to Noah and Son of God. Moreover, others in our church small group wanted to see it. So, we went to a theater in Lexington. I was sorely disappointed. It may be a step up from […]

Movie Disappointment: God’s Not Dead

MrsLarijani and myself–with our church small group–saw God’s Not Dead last night. It was a major disappointment on several levels. More later.

Movie Review: Fireproof

Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s latest film–Fireproof–will make a lot of money. It will promote some very important realities dear to Christians and vital to the Christian message: the persevering work of Jesus Christ, demonstrated on the cross; the sanctity of the marriage covenant; that tough marriages are–more often than not–salvageable. For those reasons alone, it […]

THIS is War Preparation

And funny as crap,too.

Live Free or Die Hard: Great Movie

07/03/2007: I’m sick and tired of all the sex and violence in today’s movies. I just want to see the violence! After all, nothing ruins a perfectly good, bloody, gory kill flick like a steamy sex scene. And people who mix sex with violence are perverts. And for those who enjoy non-stop violence, the Die […]

United 93: Hollywood Gets it Right This Time (or 9/11 Meets Apollo 13)

04/28/2006: In a politically-charged climate such as ours, it is easy to understand why making a movie about September 11 would be risky. To be fair, everybody has an opinion about what motivated the hijackers, and the effect of our post-9/11 strategy. Given the recent attempts by others to use the screen to advance political […]

Movies that Suck: Jarhead

11/12/2005: If Jarhead is not the worst war movie I’ve seen, it is one of the worst. It may be the first movie attempted regarding Gulf War I, and it is a complete disgrace. It does no justice to our troops, and sheds no light on what our troops accomplished. It is a cynical screed […]

The Great Raid: Someone Finally Tells the Story on Film

08/14/2005: Very few war movies–based on actual events–provide justice to the troops who fought in them or the events they seek to portray. Most Vietnam movies, for example, are a complete disgrace to the troops who fought honorably, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice. (Thankfully, We Were Soldiers righted many of those wrongs.) The […]