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Gov. Blanco Declares War on New Orleans

06/19/2006: First, New Orleans mayor Ray “Nutbrain” Nagin confiscated guns from law-abiding citizens. (Of course, the criminals got to keep their guns. It always works that way.) In doing so, Mayor Nagin violated the 2nd Amendment rights of his citizens. Next, Gov. Kathleen “Boo Hoo” Blanco uses the shooting deaths of five teens as an […]

Vodkapundit Nails it on New Orleans

05/22/2006: Vodkapundit has written perhaps the best piece regarding New Orleans. Enjoy!

Nagin Lays off 3,000 City Workers, Retains Himself

10/05/2005: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announced yesterday that he was laying off 3,000 city workers. This, he said, was because the city is in financial ruin. Sadly, the mayor was not among the employees on the chopping block.

Froggy on New Orleans/Media Racism

09/28/2005: After seeing the news media bungle the reporting of Katrina, Froggy has this to say about the mainstream news media and their latent racism. In their coverage of Katrina, the MSM completely reared their ugly, partisan, racist heads. Like Dan Rather, they succumbed to faith-based reporting: they took wild stories, didn’t bother to check […]

Stossel Nails It Big Time!!!

09/21/2005: Every taxpayer needs to read this.

Mike S. Adams: Exposing a Hippie

09/20/2005: Mike S. Adams describes his adventures, chaperoning a youth ski trip. This is funny (and sad) as all get-out.

FDR is Alive and Well and in His 6th Term!

09/17/2005: I still cannot understand why Democrats are not high-fiving Dubya. With the exception of a few social issues–partial birth abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and gay marriage–he is the Second Coming of FDR. His economic policies–even the tax cuts–are Keynesian all the way. His tax cuts had the same effect is spending programs in […]

Quote of the Day

09/17/2005: From Doug Giles: So, why did New Orleans and Biloxi get socked? I’m not going to jump out there and speak for God (principally, because He hasn’t spoken to me since I went to that Celion Dion concert in Vegas four years ago), but here’s my best guess: if you build a big city […]

Katrina: Time for a New Paradigm in Government

09/15/2005: Thomas Sowell articulates the difference between free enterprise and government enterprise with respect to disaster response. What he points out is noteworthy: (1) FEMA’s bungle of the Katrina aftermath is nothing new: they bungle almost every emergency. What FEMA provided was their standard response to a disaster. In most instances–tornadoes, lower-grade hurricanes, moderately strong […]

Two Governors, Two Styles, Two Different Sets of Results

09/13/2005: USA Today provides some insight into Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, and their handling of the Katrina strike. The responses of the two governors tend to reflect their backgrounds. Barbour–a former lobbyist and Republican National Committee Chairman–has been very businesslike, and has shown a fundamental understanding of how things work. […]

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