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Bob Hoover, Aviation Legend, Dead at 94

Blue skies, Bob. A fighter pilot in WWII, a pioneer in the flight test world at a time when that was an extraordinarily dangerous profession, Bob Hoover was one of the greatest pilots in the history of aviation. In the world of great pilots, Hoover was arguably second only to Chuck Yeager.

New Book About Korean War and No Kum-Sok

Blaine Harden, author of Escape From Camp 14, has written a new book,┬áThe Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot, which chronicles the rise of Kim Il-Sung, key milestones in the Korean War, and the life of No Kum-Sok (Kenneth Rowe), who would defect to the United States by flying a MiG-15 into Kimpo Air Base […]

Fine Reading

No Kum-Sok, also known as Kenneth Rowe, was ER’s father. I didn’t realize that he had written a book about his defection from North Korea.

Airline Pilot Goes Off

Trouble is, he left the microphone on. That reminds me of a story–not sure if it’s true, but heregoes… A pilot, shortly after takeoff, left the intercom on, offered the following commentary to his co-pilot: “I could sure use a good blowjob and a cup of coffee right now!” One of the flight attendants, realizing […]

“Too Much Cabin Pressure”

This was too funny to pass up.

“Houston, we’ve had a problem…”

40 years ago yesterday, the Apollo 13 began with a launch. This was supposed to be a moon mission, but that did not happen. In fact, this nearly became a tragedy in the same line as Apollo 1. Except this time, the astronauts–and the ground crew–teamed up for a real-life episode of MacGyver, times ten. […]

Air Traffic Control: So Easy a Child Can Do It

Well, not really. If this were Hollywood, it would be entertaining. Unfortunately, given that the incident may have emanated from a lax attitude toward professionalism, it is likely indicative of the need for fundamental change in the system. One of the reasons I admire President Reagan was his willingness to fire the air traffic controllers, […]

The Challenges of Astronaut Life

This is a real pisser.

Now THIS is a Flight

A civilian, riding shotgun in a military craft, accidentally pulled the ejection handle.

What Were They REALLY Looking At?

The crew of Northwest Airlines Flight 188, which overshot their destination by 150 miles–and attracted the attention of the White House–first said they were arguing over airline policy. Now, the NTSB is saying that they were using their laptops. Whatever they were preoccupied with, it was enough for them to fail to notice the air […]

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