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Behe Pwns PZ Myers

Whereas PZ Myers attacks Michael Behe with rhetoric, Behe responds with math and science. (HT: Farmer Tom)

Nye vs. Ham: A Stalemate

“Science Guy” Bill Nye stirred up a hornet’s nest when he told a group of Creationists, “[I]f you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, that’s fine, but don’t make your kids do it because we need them. We need […]

Quote of the Day

from Vox Day: It may help to keep in mind that at Vox Popoli, those who live by the rhetoric tend to die quickly and brutally by the dialectic. Here the rhetoric is only used to dance on the grave afterward. I like it: live by the rhetoric; die by the dialectic. And here is […]

Scientist Predicts Evolution Debate Will Soon Be History

Richard Leakey, who is clearly oblivious to the fact that macro-evolution is no closer to being open and shut than it was in Darwin’s time, boldly predicts a great acceleration in discoveries that have proven elusive to date. So let’s see…the High Church Atheists–Dawkins, Dennett, the late Hitchens, Harris, PZ Myers–have whined and wailed about […]

It is Science!!!

Well, not really. Vox, however, illustrates a point that I spent no small amount of time making during my tour of duty at Southern Baptist Theological Cemetary:: Clearly, a bright line needs to be delineated between scientific evidence that has been independently replicated by experiment, scientific evidence that could be independently replicated but has not […]

You Need Not Be a Young Earth Creationist

in order to be shut out of key academic posts. If this were a private university, I would consider it worth mentioning while including the caveat that they have the Constitutional right to exclude anyone they wish for whatever reason they want. They have the right to be racist, sexist, even anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Muslim, anti-whatever […]

Physicist Gets “Voxed” by Larijani, Part 1

For the past few days, I’ve been locked in a two-tier battle with Andrew Spivack, a physicist who is finishing up his PhD, on the Boundless blog. The two tiers are the following: Putting his proposed moral framework to the test of logic. In another thread, debating the merits of applying Darwinian thought to public […]

Quote of the Day

From Vox Day: If evolutionists built airplanes, they wouldn’t get off the ground long enough to crash.

Liberals, “Scientists” Guilty of Genocide

02/18/2007: The other day, a former co-worker was tearing into Reagan’s record regarding HIV/AIDS, the non-sequitur that liberals always love to raise every time I remind them of his Cold War victory. Aside from the fact that Reagan spent more money on AIDS than on heart disease–both of which are conditions that are largely behavior-driven […]

Researchers: Belief in “Psuedoscience” Troubling

02/18/2007: Michigan State University professor Jon D. Miller presented results that both encourage and trouble researchers regarding scientific literacy in America. On one hand, people understand basic science twice as much (28%) as the last study (10%) in 1988. On the other hand, the trend of people believing astrology and extra-terrestrial aliens. He also expressed […]

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