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Almost Everything That COULD HAVE Gone Wrong in a Home, Did

I will now attempt to weigh in on this sad, sordid account by Jeri Massi. For a time, I’ve been following various watchbloggers. I often check in on the Deebs over at TWW, and also with Todd Wilhelm at Thou Art The Man, as well as Brent Detwiler and Warren Throckmorton. I also follow Amy […]

Teacher Unions Can Go To Hell

Betsy DeVos must be an excellent pick for Education Secretary if the NEA opposes her.

One more reason to homeschool…

The latest in the long, long line of teachers caught in the act with students… A Houston-area middle school teacher was just busted for giving one of her students a full-contact lap dance for his birthday in front of the entire class. I could say a lot about it, but I think the story pretty much speaks […]

Communist Re-Education“Diversity Training”

Coming to a theater near you.

Vox and Captain Capitalism: It’s Both/And, not Either/Or

Yesterday, Vox Day provided an assessment of the gender gap in college degrees. Captain Capitalism, in turn, pointed out that the numbers don’t tell the whole story: (a) when you factor in engineering and hard science degrees, men are outperforming the women by a wide margin, and (b) women are getting the bulk of the […]

Economic Recovery…FEEL THE RECOVERY!!!

A FB friend of mine says, I feel so stuck right now. I have a useless college degree & very little work experience. I can’t seem to find a job because I’m almost 25 with no experience. I can’t afford a car because I can’t find a job. I’m automatically disqualified from a lot of […]

Rachael Slick, Atheist Convert, Part 2 (Training versus Programming)

In my last installment, I focused on the claims of Rachael Slick, regarding her journey from a very conservative Christian homeschooled life to the ranks of the Atheists. As I said, I have no personal axe to grind with her, at the same time, hard questions need to be asked, and unpleasant issues need to […]

Better Yet…

Talk show host Tom Joyner is offering Rachel Jeantel–the much-maligned prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman case–a chance to attend college tuition-free. At face-value, that is a very kind and charitable gesture. But seriously, given that the market that is already saturated with college degrees–it may be an dead-end offer. I would suggest that she […]

A Bleak Picture

I cannot answer as to whether this is the exception or the rule for black youth. (I realize that anecdote is not statistic, but–having been to inner-city schools and one integrated school–I never saw a situation that was this bad. Then again, it’s been a while since I was in school.) Still, if this is […]

Sounding the Alarm about Academic Illusions

Sadly, in many fields–particularly the humanities–PhDs are a dime a dozen. And for every PhD out there–hoping for a tenure-track slot–there are scores of people languishing in ABD (All But Dissertation) hell. And while this is not just the humanities–it is also in the hard sciences as well–it is worth noting: much of the incentive […]

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