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Snuff-Film Case

Guilty Plea in Snuff Film Case

Dena Riley avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty. She will not see the light of day as a free person. Her partner–Richard Davis–was sentenced to death.

One Snuff Film Murderer Sentenced to Death

Richard Davis, who teamed up with partner Dena Riley to torture two women to death and videotape the events, has been sentenced to death. When he was on the run, I was hoping they would come through Kentucky. I was hoping Pilgrim and I would get a crack at their skulls. Sadly, prior to their […]

First of Snuff-Film Defendants Convicted

Richard Davis has been convicted for his role in the snuff-film killing of Marsha Spicer. Those two scumbags killed Spicer and Michelle Ricci (videotaping their assault and murder of Spicer), and also sexually assaulted a child while fleeing authorities. The death penalty will likely be a no-brainer in this case.

Snuff-Film Couple Hit with More Charges

07/20/2006: Richard Davis and Dena Riley–who tortured two women to death and videotaped it–have been hit with more charges, stemming from their abuse of Michelle Ricci. Prosecutors have yet to decide on seeking the death penalty, although that ought to be a done deal.

Davis, Riley Hit with New Charges

07/13/2006: Prosecutors have filed additional charges against Richard Davis and Dena Riley, the couple who bound, tortured, raped, and strangled Marsha Spicer and Michelle Ricci, capturing the acts on videotape. The additonal charges involve the brutal assault on Michelle Ricci, whose burned body was found after their arrest. (Information from Davis led investgators to that […]

Snuff-Film Couple Charged with Kidnapping, Played Religion Card to Abduct Girl

06/03/2006: The Kansas City Star is reporting that the snuff-film couple–Richard Davis and Dena Riley–have been charged in federal court for kidnapping her, as the FBI determined that the child was taken across state lines. It also appears that Davis and Riley deceived a couple regarding their “faith” in order to abduct a 5-year-old girl. […]

Snuff-Film Couple Linked to Two Murders, Sexually Assaulted 5-Year-Old

06/01/2006: The legal woes of Richard Davis and Dena Riley are mounting. According to the Kansas City Star, (1) Davis and Riley have confessed to the torture murder of Michelle Ricci, bringing the known body count to two. (2) Davis and Riley sexually assaulted the five-year-old girl that they kidnapped in Kansas. The prosecutor described […]

Snuff-Film Couple Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

05/30/2006: Richard Davis and Dena Riley, who videotaped themselves torturing, raping, and murdering one or more women–pleaded ‘not guilty’ today in their first court appearance. I guess that is to be expected, given that they have yet to receive lawyers. They may want to reconsider their pleas, given that they have been caught–literally with their […]

UPDATE: Third Body Found–Connected to Snuff-Film Case

05/30/2006: Richard Davis and Dena Riley–the couple who videotaped their torture killing of Marsha Spicer–are in more hot water. Authorities have dug up a third body connected with their nihilist spree. This in addition to Spicer and Michelle Ricci. So far, we have three people who paid a horrendous price, because we chose to let […]

UPDATE: We Have a Capture in Snuff-Film Case

05/25/2006: UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that Richard Davis and Dena Riley–who are wanted for the torture, rape, and murder of 41-year-old Marsha Spicer–have been captured. Apparently, they turned themselves in. I am glad to see that they will get to face the music. Hopefully, we will also find ou what happened to Michelle Ricci, […]

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