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Vox Day: [Conservatives] Need to Grow Up!

10/07/2006: I could not agree with Vox Day more: I note with equal parts mirth and contempt the efforts of some die-hard Republican commentators to argue that the Foley scandal was little more than a Democratic sting, or that it is somehow unfair for Democrats to take maximum advantage of self-inflicted Republican foot-shooting. The GOP […]

Hastert: I’m Sorry, but Not Resigning

10/05/2006: Dennis Hastert (R-IL) is smoking something I wish were legal. The House Speaker first claims to take responsibility for the House failure to catch Mark Foley (R-NAMBLA), whose sexually-laced messages to teenage pages go back at least a year if not longer, then refuses to resign his leadership post. This is representative of everything […]

Foley Aide Claims He Notified Hastert 3 Years Ago

10/04/2006: Every minute Hastert remains the Speaker, he remains the lightning rod for all that went wrong in FoleyGate. Now, we have a report that a former Foley aide alerted Hastert’s aides about Foley’s behavior. Hastert claims he didn’t know about this until now–and that may be true. But this happened on his watch. This […]

What’s a Christian Conservative to Do?

10/04/2006: For the last 25 years, the Republican party–the GOP–has relied on religious conservatives–mostly evangelical Christians–as their mainstay every election season. Fueled by the Reagan Revolution, the conservatism of the GOP–smaller government, strong national defense, lower taxes, traditional values–was compatible with the worldview of most religious conservatives. Compounding matters, the Democratic party (DNC) had embraced […]

More Excuses from Foley, Hastert. GOP Still Doesn’t Get It

10/03/2006: First, former Congressman Mark Foley (R-NAMBLA) tried the “My name is Mark, and I am an alcoholic” defense. Now, he is trying the “I was abused by a priest when I was a kid” defense. Maybe those things are true and he needs help; however, that does not excuse his sexual solicitations to teenage […]

Contrasting Today’s GOP–Who Gave us Foley…

…with the GOP crafted by the Gipper. Anyone remember this fine speech by Pat Buchanan? The Republicans have been headed for the crapper ever since, as the party leadership has abandoned those principals.

GOP Leadership is Catastrophically Out of Touch

10/02/2006: President Bush should be pounding the bully pulpit on this matter now known as FoleyGate. His party has become the Party of Pederasty and he obviously gives not a damn. This further supports my long-held contention that he is not a real conservative. Instead, Tony Snow–who is normally on the ball–was very slow off […]

Foley Does a Kennedy…Checks into Rehab

10/02/2006: Hopefully, no one will be buying into this line of horsecrap. The disgraced Mark Foley (R-NAMBLA), is trying to play the “I’m an alcoholic” defense. Another sex offender–Paula Poundstone–pulled the same stunt in a 2001 plea deal. So did drunk driver Patrick Kennedy (D-RI). He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the […]

Hastert Calls Fire Dept after Smoke Clears

10/01/2006: House Speaker Dennis Hastert has requested a Justice Department probe into the Mark Foley pedophilia scandal. As part of the inquiry, he needs to determine why this was swept under the rug for about a full year. The coverup by GOP leadership is every bit as serious as what Foley did. To hell with […]

Malkin Rightfully Outraged, but Needs Thicker Skin

10/01/2006: While Michelle Malkin is rightfully offended about the recent Photoshop jobs that others have done on her, she is expending far too much energy fighting the matter. In a blogopshere that has millions of market players of all ideological persuasions, one must expect that if he or she starts a political blog that attracts […]

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