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America’s Dumbest Criminals Strike Again!

Figure it’s time for me to get back into posting a little. How, may you ask? Well, let’s get back to a favorite theme of mine… stupid criminals! How about this one… a Florida moron Googles “how to rob a bank” and proceeds to do just that? Needless to say, he soon got caught. Or […]

Rapper lives his music… and pays the price

Found out about this not long ago. Seems there’s this minor rapper going by Montana Millz (real name Michael Persaud). One of his songs (if you want to call it that) is “Sell Drugz” (alternatively spelled “Drugsz”). Well, he decided to do just that. Which brings us to another of his songs: “Feds Watching”. They […]

Great News in the Midst of Tragedy

One of the foremost proponents of child sexual abuse–you read that correctly: proponents—died in the Amtrak derailment.

Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted — With Questionable Tactics

I don’t know if I should drink a beer in honor of the authorities who busted these guys, or excoriate them for their tactics. While their ethics might be questionable here, I cannot say that I lament the demise of these pedophiles. Prison is too soft for them.

Very Good Article from TWW (Why Predators Choose Churches)

Everyone needs to read this. If you are in a church where people have a “this would never happen here” attitude, then that means one of two things: (1) It is GOING TO happen to you; (2) It ALREADY HAS happened to you, and, when the facts get out in the open, the defecation is […]

Time For a Mass Burning At the Stake

Hat tip to Dee at TWW. This is nothing short of reprehensible. Make no mistake: (1) Heads need to roll, and at every level. (2) Seminaries need to be completely upended. (3) Every ordained minister and parachurch leader needs to be put under investigation. Those found guilty need to be imprisoned for life. Oh, and […]

Bicycling Magazine Omits Facts

In their recent piece about the deaths of two Zombie Zone cyclists, Bicycling magazine left out important facts regarding one of the cases. In May 2015, Hinkel was at mile 99 of the region’s premier event, the Horsey Hundred Century, when a pickup truck crossed the centerline and hit him head-on. Witnesses called 911 immediately. […]

One more reason to homeschool…

The latest in the long, long line of teachers caught in the act with students… A Houston-area middle school teacher was just busted for giving one of her students a full-contact lap dance for his birthday in front of the entire class. I could say a lot about it, but I think the story pretty much speaks […]

America’s Dumbest Criminals, Part 197,814

Time for the newest entry in our series of utterly stupid wrongdoers! Setting: A cell phone store near Pueblo, Colorado. A 60-something man with a felony record sees a younger man talking to the clerk. He apparently decides he’s got an easy score, so he identifies himself as a cop, and asks the man in […]

Cops AND robbers

Well, well, what have we here… two cops, one a current Detroit cop, and the other a former Detroit cop who was serving in a suburb, stand accused of robbing two people at a gas station in the city. Oh, I almost forgot… they were allegedly wearing their badges and drew their service pistols. One […]

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