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Shocker (Not Really)

Many years ago, after pro tennis player Chris Evert married Andy Mills and had settled into motherhood, she said something to the effect that her prior life had been all about her. The way she said it led me to think she had at least one prior abortion. While she’d had an otherwise solid reputation, […]

Edmund Rowe (1966-2008): My Final Word

This will be my final word on the life and death of Edmund Rowe, a friend of mine from my days at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the son of legendary North Korean defector No Kum-Sok (Kenneth Rowe), who flew a MiG-15 into South Korea on September 21, 1953. For the record, here are my bona fides: […]

Back in Business

I suffered what appeared to be a catastrophic attack, such that the domain was suspended. Due to being tied up with work-related matters, I was not able to get things back quickly, but it appears that we are back in business. I had to nuke my old WordPress install and do a new one. I […]

Conspiring to Put the Screws to a Father

Denninger has a succinct assessment of this situation. I was once a character witness in an adoption case gone bad. The biological mom–JD–actually BEGGED SL and her husband, who ran a maternity home, to adopt her baby. After legally signing away her rights–and claiming not to know who the father was–she tried to contest the […]

I’m Ahead of the Curve

Last month, I posted a link to an MSNBC article pointing out that most women don’t realize that, when it comes to fertility, time is not on their side. Since then, I’ve seen Dr. Laura blog about this. Susan Walsh is now chiming in. But I still have yet to see anyone at Boundless make […]

Who Do You Trust for Leadership? Part 1: Does ANYONE Get It?

That’s not a question to take lightly, given the recent exposure of significant failings of people long-considered as highly trustworthy. Up until ten days ago, even the most ardent Pitt fan would have conceded that Penn State coach Joe Paterno was an outstanding coach. He seemed to embody the best of Bobby Knight, only without […]

The First Feline Battalion’s Newest Member

Meet Guinness. He is formerly of the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh. He is now a private in the First Feline Battalion. He has already survived harsh elements and food deprivation. Great things are expected of him.

Random Thoughts…

(1) Today’s shootdown of the Chinook by Taliban forces–which killed 31 American Special Operators, most of them SEALs from SEAL Team 6–is the deadliest day in the history of American Special Operations. This surpasses the tragedy of Operation Redwing–which includes the deaths of 3 SEALs, in addition to the 16 SEALs and Special Operators who […]

Barkley’s Advice for Tiger

…is good advice for anyone: One of the keys to being successful is surrounding yourself with people who are always going to be honest. You’ve got to understand, most people who are around you [when you’re famous] work for you or are just kiss asses… That’s a major problem. You need to surround yourself with […]

Self-Esteem Versus Self-Respect

In the world of gender relations, women usually–if not always–test the men in their lives in various ways. In the world of “Game”, this is called the “shit test”. An example of this would be when you’re talking to a gal in whom you may be interested, and she says, “I’ll bet you already have […]

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