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How to Respond to a Bully

If this kid lived up here, I’d buy him the best drink allowed by law.

I’ve Been Quiet

While I enjoy being Amir’s cheerleader, I’m still trying to figure out what I should write about on these pages. I think I’ve begun to figure it out. Today, I checked out a book from the library on Snake handlers in Appalachia . . . Stay tuned. 😉

Why I HATE the MSM, Reason #1,034,583

WARNING: VERY STRONG LANGUAGE FOLLOWS. And here is why. Note to the MSM…. You need to get your heads out of your asses and quit putting the HEROIC Japanese workers on the same moral plane as JIHADI THUGS. The Japanese techies are HEROES in every sense of the word, and what they are doing is […]


For some reason, this year, I find myself not quite a joyous around this time as I normally am. I’m still settling into the new rhythm of married life. We had a theory for how we were going to approach the holidays and it’s kind of gotten blown to shreds in Round 1. (Or is […]

Getting a Christian Roommate

Has gotten much harder over the years. (HT: Matt Kaufman of Boundless) When I was in college (Embry-Riddle), I was active in the Christian Fellowship Club. I had my issues with them–they were dominated by the fringe charismatic types–but overall they weren’t bad folks. Some of the faculty were very involved in it as well. […]

Bullying the Bullies?

Newsweek has an interesting article about the backlash against bullies. Admittedly, they do raise some legitimate issues–especially the “pile-on” effect in the aftermath of the recent suicides. This also speaks to some issue that I addressed on the matter. (1) While they do mention the father who confronted some bullies who were harassing his daughter, […]

Dealing with Bullies — How to Back Your Kid

One might think that when I stood up to ES in 7th grade, that my dad would have been thrilled about it. After all, I stood up for myself and did what he taught me. Well…not quite. On one hand, he ripped me a new one. I got grounded for telling ES to [go do […]

Taking on a Bully, a First-Person Perspective

WARNING: Very strong language here! When I was in 7th grade, I spent the first half of the school year at a Christian school, the now-defunct Pioneer Christian Academy. It was a good experience, even though they were quite fundamentalist. (The only trouble I got into: a half-day’s worth of detention due to two haircut […]

Bullying..What to Do

Paul Coughlin would be a good resource on matters such as these. I know this isn’t going to sound nice for all you Metrosexual-Jesus freaks out there, but heregoes… (1) While I’m all for homeschooling, that does not solve the bullying problem. Everyone–sooner or later–will have to deal with one or more bullies. it is […]

Goings On…

Been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Ergo, posts have been fairly brief and rare lately. (1) Married life is going well. MrsLarijani is adjusting well to Recon and Sneaky. Not to mention her hubby. (2) She is enjoying the heck out of Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. I figured she’d like that […]

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