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I can’t make stuff like this up even if I wanted to.

More Stem Cell Success

ADULT stem cells, that is. This time, the blind are seeing.

It’s Official: Coffee is Good for You

I’ve been drinking the stuff since I was 5. In addition to the great taste and nice kick of a good, strong cup of mud, it also helps prevent cancer.

They Paid Money to Reach THIS Conclusion?

Anyone with at least a double-digit IQ knows that heavier women tend to be disadvantaged in the romance department. (This is not a putdown of anyone; just a statement of the obvious.) I say that because it does not seem that we needed experts to tell us this much. And yes, I know that they […]

Ouch! Doc Supposed to Remove Cyst, Cuts off Right Nut

HT: Vox Day Thomas Sowell, in his books Basic Economics and Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One, provides a critical review of government interference in health care. Putting things in simple terms, (1) If government imposes a price ceiling on anything, then you still do not address the fundamental issue of the cost of the […]

Mohler Weighs in on “Health Care Reform”

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Al Mohler provides what ought to be a no-brainer regarding the Christian obligation to pay taxes, even as we are facing the specter of government-funded abortion. (And yes, that is where this is headed, as Obama’s Executive Order is worth a used roll of toilet paper. A court challenge to […]

Another Stem Cell Breakthrough

You guessed it: this was with ADULT stem cells, NOT embryonic stem cells.

Stossel Hits a Very Important Nail

quite squarely, I might add. Any discussion of health care reform, must also include reforming the FDA–I would propose eliminating it altogether. The price for innovation is prohibitively high.

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Karl Denninger outlines an idea for health care reform. I agree with most of it. He’s absolutely correct in this regard: you effectively have two alternatives. The first is one that is more of a pure free-market system. The other is a Canadian-style system. For all my issues with the public option–having worked in government, […]

Guinness is Good for You

Well…maybe. Haven’t had one in almost 2 months, but after reading this, I might open up a cold one.

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