Discuss Amongst Yourselves

Karl Denninger outlines an idea for health care reform. I agree with most of it.

He’s absolutely correct in this regard: you effectively have two alternatives. The first is one that is more of a pure free-market system. The other is a Canadian-style system.

For all my issues with the public option–having worked in government, and having seen the types of people who would make policy decision, I absolutely have zero trust in any government-run option–it would still be better than the “health care reform” bill that is up for reconciliation. This is because the House and Senate versions have the worst of both worlds, and do nothing to correct the issues that are making the current system a broken one.

Even with his idea of billing the government–at published rates–for the cost of treating poor/uninsured folks with life-threatening conditions, that may be the only option from a practical standpoint. The problem I can see evolving from it, though: providers, in search of sure money, will seek to send as many bills as they can to the government. Even if private insurance is otherwise reliable. Policy wonks will also seek to cover as much as they can, as that creates justifications for increases in their budgets. The accountability of such a system to public scrutiny, would be questionable.

Another Potential Victory for Stem Cell Research

ADULT stem cells, that is. This time, it appears that we may be looking at a breakthrough in treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), better-known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Of course, Gehrig was not the only Yankee hall-of-famer to die of the disease, as Jim “Catfish” Hunter–one of the best MLB pitchers in the 1970s, who won World Series titles with the Oakland A’s and New York Yankees–also succumbed to ALS.

It Doesn’t Add Up

Of course, this should be the NSS story of the day.

When Obama claims that a “public option”–which would be a “mandate”, as those who get dropped from their private plans would be forced to take the public “option”–would be (a) adequately funded through premiums, (b) provide better coverage than existing plans, and (c) be sufficient to cover all otherwise “uninsured” people, the logical answer ought to be, “You mean like Medicare?”

Medicare is broke. Left as-is, Medicare will go belly-up within a decade. People who claim that “all we need is a system that covers all Americans, just as Medicare covers seniors”, forget that Medicare is not financially solvent.

When Obama says that this “health care reform” will not add to the deficit, he is either a bald-faced liar, or just plain stupid. The laws of economics are as real as Newton’s Laws of Motion.

When he modifies that by suggesting that the “health care reform” will not add to the deficit for another ten years, he is merely foisting the mother of all balloon loans on the American people.

The issue with “health care reform” is not merely what happens in ten years. In that time, I will be 52 and still not close to retirement. The issue is what happens in 20, 30, 40 years from now.

Then there is the factor that the Obamunists have not addressed honestly: the specter of coverage of illegals, and the coverage of abortion services.

While none of those things are mandated in any of the bills, they are not specifically denied either. In fact, the House has rejected amendments that would specifically deny coverage to illegal immigrants, and that would deny abortion coverage.

What does that mean?

(1) The House and Senate passes a “health care reform” bill, signed into law by Obama, which has no specific language denying abortion coverage, or the coverage of illegals.

(2) The regulation of the health care reform gets handed off to government agencies–such as HHS–which then farm out the implementation to insurance giants such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, or UnitedHealthCare.

(3) Regulators then decide on the rules of implementation, which may very well include abortion services. They might, however, do this discreetly by farming that out to Planned Parenthood clinics, and marking the funding as “family planning services”.

(4) Illegals would be covered, because regulators would formulate the rules such that doctors cannot deny exigent treatments. And they would define “exigent treatments” with substantial latitude.

(5) As for “death panels”? Government wouldn’t be that brazen; they would, in fact, be far more subtle in their implementation of “end of life counseling”.

  • They would refer you for psychiatric evaluation, if you are needing major procedures, “in order to ensure that you maintain your mental health” throughout the process.
  • They would simply deny coverage for your chemotherapy, while offering full coverage for your physician-assisted suicide. This is what Oregon is doing.

Eventually, they wouldn’t even do that: active euthanasia would merely become “standard operating procedure”.

Just remember, folks: the pro-life crowd warned about it 40 years ago. Your “experts” dismissed them and called them crazy.

Reality is shaping up to be the mother of all bitches.