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Global Warming

Global Warming…

Well…maybe not so much.

It is Science!!!

Well, not really. Vox, however, illustrates a point that I spent no small amount of time making during my tour of duty at Southern Baptist Theological Cemetary:: Clearly, a bright line needs to be delineated between scientific evidence that has been independently replicated by experiment, scientific evidence that could be independently replicated but has not […]

More Proof that AGW “Science”

is closer to Scientology than to real science.

Penn State Coverup

Isn’t it hilarious that liberals believe in regulating everything, except for scientists who get tax money to promote leftist agendas? Apparently, Penn State is taking a three monkey approach to the investigation of Michael Mann, whose “hockey stick” graph has resulted in a mother lode of federal funding for the folks in Harrisburg. MSM is […]

String them Up by the Toenails

They attempted to foist a fascist governmental system on the world, all under the pretense of saving the planet. They did it with fraudulent, cherry-picked data. They deliberately hid the truth from governments, as they sought hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money, which they used to promote a socialist agenda cross-dressed in scientific […]

More Proof…

…that the “science” behind the Anthropogenic Global Warming cause, is nothing more than an exercise in bovine scatology.

Global warming, my freezing butt!

Iowa 30 degrees below normal, and other parts of the Midwest seeing similar cold and heavy snow… Burlington, Vermont getting its biggest snowstorm ever… ice buildup causing partial shutdown of a nuclear power plant in New Jersey… the UK running dangerously low on natural gas, with retirees burning used books for fuel… Seoul seeing its […]

Of Course It’s All Bullscheiss

This carping about anthropogenic global warning is closer to scientology than actual science.

The Solution to the Energy Problem

I promise I am not making this up.

Another Strike against Global Warming Nazis

We need more global warming, before we all freeze our asses off. After all, contrary to recent reports, the latter is what appears to be happening in Antarctica.

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