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Global Warming

And Now…for the BFD Story of the Day

A massive ice shelf is about to break off in Antarctica. Whoop-dee-freakin-doo!

Chicken Little is Entertaining

Let’s see. The warmest year we have on record was 11 years ago (1998). The earth has been cooling for two straight years. None of those things were part of the mathematical models that the globofascists crammed down our throats. Now, these Chicken Littles are whining that man-made global warming gases are rising faster than […]

Really Bad News for Global Warming Nazis

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. That means winter is going to suck even more.

More Problems for the Global Warming Nazis

A former NASA scientist–who headed the climate research efforts–is now admitting the crockery of the process. HT: Vox Day

The Sky is Falling Down!

Screw the economic meltdown! The earth is heating up and Our Great Messiah Obama is running out of time. Please, have the inauguration early so The Great Messiah Obama can save us! Please save us, Lord Obama! And please, Lord Obama…save the trees!!!!

Chicken Littles Never Stop

Not even when the evidence is against them. The hottest year on record was ten years ago, and last year the planet got cooler. But still, the Chicken Littles are whining about the threat of global warming. In fact, we could make a stronger case for why we need to fill the Grand Canyon.

This Has Nothing to do with “Polar Ice Cap Melting”…

Absolutely nothing whatsoever…

Alarmists Never Stop…

We haven’t had any global warming in ten years–1998 was our hottest year measured–and last year was the largest single-year temperature drop ever recorded. But the truth has never been an object to the Chicken Littles whose meal ticket depends on Global Warming hysteria. Our intel community engineered the most ludicrous black-ops that embarrassed our […]

Obesity Contributes to Alzheimers

Let’s see…obesity contributes to: heart disease diabetes gout stroke sleep apnea osteoarthritis gall bladder disease fatty liver disease global warming Now we are finding out that obesity contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease.

It’s Official…

Al Gore needs to lose weight. Obesity is a contributor to global warming. LOL

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