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Ironman Louisville 2015: After Action Report

Going into IMLOU2015, I felt cautiously optimistic. On the positive side: (1) In spite of having so many difficulties learning to swim, that came together in mid-August. Prior to that, I had a strong chance of failing to make it out of the water. But two weeks before IMLOU, I nailed a 2.4-mile open-water swim. […]

Brutal Century Ride: Hub City Tour 2015 (One More Brick To Go)

In my quest to complete an Ironman triathlon–I signed up for Ironman Louisville (IMLOU), which is in 4 weeks from yesterday–I have taken up century (100+ mile) rides as training runs. In 2013, I completed the Horsey Hundred; it was my first organized bike ride. That convinced me that I might be able to pull […]

A Dark Shadow on a Great Day: Horsey Hundred 2015

I was expecting a nice ride at this year’s Horsey Hundred (HH). Unlike the Redbud Ride four weeks ago, there was no storm activity remotely in the forecast; the morning temperature was in the mid-50s, and the expected high temperature was in the high 70s or low 80s. I figured that might make the back […]

Embracing the Suck: Preservation Pedal 2014

After two century rides in 6 weeks–the Redbud Ride and the Horsey Hundred–I approached the Preservation Pedal with a cautious optimism. At the Redbud Ride, I suffered a nasty crash at mile 16, but managed to get up and ride the remaining 84 miles to finish well. 6 weeks later, at the Horsey Hundred, my […]

Wreck at Mile 16: After-Action Report for 2014 Redbud Ride

Last year, I decided to ride the Horsey Hundred. While I was experienced at endurance sports—having finished several marathons and an ultra-marathon—I hadn’t trained for it. Still, I rode patiently, stayed within my limits, and braved the killer hills of Clifton to finish my first century ride comfortably. It took me just north of nine […]

Obesity in the Church

No, I don’t mention this in the context of male-female relations. That horse has been slaughtered over here many times. Oh noes. This is about a larger problem. I used to joke about how I always thought “Full Gospel” was a reference to the size of pastoral waistlines. In fact, I often wondered if Dunlop’s […]

My $0.02 on Rachel Frederickson, Season 15 Winner of The Biggest Loser

Of course Rachel Frederickson lost too much weight too fast. And yes, at first glance she appears anorexic. I’ve dated a gal who was anorexic. I know what anorexic looks like. Rachel looks anorexic. And if that is the case, then she has swapped one dangerous situation (catastrophic obesity) for another (anorexia). That’s not to […]

Stunning Admission

Susan Walsh assesses the writings of “sex-positive feminist” blogger Tracy Clark Flory. It is well worth the read.

The Biggest Loser is a Real Letdown

So far, season 13 of The Biggest Loser is well short of the hype of its mantra: “No Excuses”. At this point, nearly every one of the contestants–except, save, a couple of the older fogeys–is but a scheming game-player who won’t act like a grownup. The “red” team has been a colossal disappointment, as none […]

Good Work, Denninger

His latest post–about medical costs and the inability of government to spend at the current levels of growth on a sustained basis–is spot-on. Aside from the pure government spending side of this, there are other monster issues that need to be addressed, particularly (a) the government-medical-financial complex and (b) the impact of price controls in […]

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