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Obesity in the Church

No, I don’t mention this in the context of male-female relations. That horse has been slaughtered over here many times. Oh noes. This is about a larger problem. I used to joke about how I always thought “Full Gospel” was a reference to the size of pastoral waistlines. In fact, I often wondered if Dunlop’s […]

My $0.02 on Rachel Frederickson, Season 15 Winner of The Biggest Loser

Of course Rachel Frederickson lost too much weight too fast. And yes, at first glance she appears anorexic. I’ve dated a gal who was anorexic. I know what anorexic looks like. Rachel looks anorexic. And if that is the case, then she has swapped one dangerous situation (catastrophic obesity) for another (anorexia). That’s not to […]

Health Insurance Getting Dropped: a Real-Life, Small Business Example

KM–a friend of mine and Cubbie’s–is a physician in Central Kentucky. Here is her response to my recent post: Here is an example for you… I am a small business owner (8 employees plus myself) who has provided group health insurance since opening my business. Six of those employees were covered by health insurance and […]

If You Lose Your Health Insurance

The way ObamaCare is working, it’s quite possible that a third of Americans who currently HAVE health insurance may lose it. This includes people who had employer-funded coverage who stand to get dropped, as well as those who have private plans that are no-longer in compliance and who now must sign up for one of […]

The Real Question: Does it Even Matter?

CBS News is reporting record lows for President Obama’s approval rating as well as overwhelming lack of support for ObamaCare by the American public. Those approval numbers are well-deserved, as ObamaCare has been a complete and utter disaster. While the failures of the website have been nothing short of catastrophic, they pale in comparison to […]

Obama is Unhinged

Either President Obama has absolutely no clue how the real world works–and this is possible, as he went from academia to community organizer to politician–or he is trying deliberately to destroy the American health care system. Fact is, businesses have spent the last three years preparing for the implementation of ObamaCare. That was passed by […]

A New Low for Government

This is your government, marketing ObamaCare.

Stossel Gets It

While John Stossel does not get into some of the larger issues–such as the fact that we are footing the bill for the socialist medicine (including price controls for pharmaceuticals) in Canada and England–he does get it on fundamental issues related to insurance.

More Stem Cell Advancements

ADULT stem cells, that is. In this case, patients’ own heart cells were used to re-grow heart tissue.

The Biggest Loser is a Real Letdown

So far, season 13 of The Biggest Loser is well short of the hype of its mantra: “No Excuses”. At this point, nearly every one of the contestants–except, save, a couple of the older fogeys–is but a scheming game-player who won’t act like a grownup. The “red” team has been a colossal disappointment, as none […]

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