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Rapper lives his music… and pays the price

Found out about this not long ago. Seems there’s this minor rapper going by Montana Millz (real name Michael Persaud). One of his songs (if you want to call it that) is “Sell Drugz” (alternatively spelled “Drugsz”). Well, he decided to do just that. Which brings us to another of his songs: “Feds Watching”. They […]

Great News in the Midst of Tragedy

One of the foremost proponents of child sexual abuse–you read that correctly: proponents—died in the Amtrak derailment.

Serial Adultery + Bad Parenting + Gothardism + Calvinism = Disaster

What Jeri Massi has here is very much worth the read. I will elaborate more on this later, as there are several factors that I wish to address.

Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted — With Questionable Tactics

I don’t know if I should drink a beer in honor of the authorities who busted these guys, or excoriate them for their tactics. While their ethics might be questionable here, I cannot say that I lament the demise of these pedophiles. Prison is too soft for them.

TWW and Abuse in the Church: It’s Not About “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

Lise, writing in TWW in a firsthand account of an abuse situation handled very badly at Providence Baptist Church, makes a very salient point: People called Doug Goodrich a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I call the Pastors who knew and did nothing the shitty shepherds who let the wolf in. Everyone should read Lise’s story. […]

Burn Him At The Stake

Deb at TWW reports on the case of Steve Jesmer, pastor of what was The Dialogue Church, who raped a 13-year-old girl in his church office. One more reason you ought to be skeptical of anyone who has charisma. To their credit, church leaders who became aware of the incident were prompt in getting to authorities. […]

Not Looking Good for Word Of Faith Fellowship

The Deebs are pounding on a “church” that desperately needs a serious pounding or ten. Keep hammering them, and don’t be charitable. It appears that the AP report has drawn the interest of both American and Brazilian governments. This is bad. People are going to be heading to jail for a substantial amount of time. […]

Church Counselor, Former Youth Pastor Charged in Murder

As I read this story, all I could think was, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” He was a “church counselor” at the time, all while he was clearly living in a fashion that reflected mental illness if not outright demonic possession? This is why I am very skeptical of youth ministers, children’s ministers, and […]

The Feds–in US and Brazil–Are Investigating Word Of Faith Fellowship

HT to Amy Smith of Watch Keep, who linked to this story on FB.

Burn Some Word of Faith Leaders At The Stake

I saw this on the Charlotte Observer yesterday in my news feed. Amy Smith followed up on that with a tweet, and now Deb at TWW has followed up on it. This is not the first time TWW has given Word of Faith Fellowship of Spindale, NC a well-deserved kick. As far as I am […]

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