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Commonsense Assessment of Marriage and Divorce

This, from my friend Heidi Stone. Every married woman needs to read it. I would also suggest that any man who is married and has children needs to read it, too, as–if you’re sober in your reading–you’ll notice that there is enough there for the guys. Priceless.

Assessing The Latest Ted Cruz Fracas

The National Enquirer, whose CEO is a longtime friend of Donald Trump, and which has endorsed Donald Trump, has come out firing against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) , the Tea Party conservative who is Trump’s only serious challenger in the GOP end of the Presidential race. According to the Enquirer, Cruz has had five different […]

Josh Duggar Outed in Ashley Madison Hack

In May, when I assessed the firestorm over Josh Duggar, I had this to say: It would be fair, in his circle of accountability, to question him significantly about who he is today. Has he cheated on his wife? Does he use pornography? What changed in his conduct after his scrapes at age 14? Has […]

Discuss Amongst Yourselves

I find this utterly abhorrent. If you disagree, then feel free to make your case.

A Big Elephant In The Room

First, some disclosures. These are no-brainers, but the ensuing discussion is going to almost certainly create some blowback. (1) From a Christian standpoint, I accept that men and women alike are called to eschew sexual immorality and to keep sex in the marriage bed. (2) While the dynamics of the pickup (PUA*) culture are rational, […]

Plenty of Blame to Go Around Here, Especially on Her End

In November, Dalrock provided an assessment of this piece, by Jenny Erikson, who divorced her husband. While I agree with Dalrock, I do think his assessment is incomplete. As I read Erikson’s post, several things stood out: (1) If half of what she says about her pastor is true, he is a manipulative, micromanagy scumbag. […]

Funny Video of the Day

This has got to take the cake. I did check the info and it appears that the couple is separated.

A Bleak Picture

I cannot answer as to whether this is the exception or the rule for black youth. (I realize that anecdote is not statistic, but–having been to inner-city schools and one integrated school–I never saw a situation that was this bad. Then again, it’s been a while since I was in school.) Still, if this is […]

Never Miss the Opportunity to Bash Men

During the runup to Mother’s Day, I saw no small number of accolades directed toward mothers, including single mothers. Many were very heartfelt toward those moms who raised their children well. The inclusion of single mothers tended to be more generic, with the presumed intent to ensure that they were also included in the accolades. […]

Susan Walsh Nails It

Every college-age gal–and every female college grad–needs to read this.

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