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The World Is Evil

WARNING: Links that are in bold are to very gruesome pictures and video. If you choose to view them, it is at your own risk. I include them to show the extent of the savagery of elements who are of key importance to Americans While I realize that the title of this post would qualify […]

What the South Korea Trade Deal Means

My guess is that this new trade deal–which materially benefits only us–means we’re going to war with North Korea.

Kittehs In Training

This is but a glimpse into how the kittehs get fit for combat. This one is obviously in Navy SEALS training:

Coverup on Able Danger

Anyone with at least a double-digit IQ knew that the 9/11 Commission report was political schlock. When the Deputy Attorney General–Jamie Gorelick–who helped craft the policies regarding the sharing of information between the CIA and FBI was sitting on the committee, instead of being a witness, it was clear that this was nothing but smoke […]

Mike S. Adams: Immigration and Self-Preservation

Feel free to discuss this. I’m too busy to comment now, and will be out-of-pocket for a couple days.

Obama Blinked

Ding Dong IlKim Jong Il defied the world from his deathbed. He had the missile technology to test. Barack Hussein Obama talked a nice talk, through his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. He had the anti-missile technology to test in a livefire scenario. Kim Jong Il stood eyeball to eyeball with President Obama. Obama blinked. […]

Nuke Labs Forgot How to Make Components

Maybe they can ask the Iranians.

Hezbians Take over Western Beirut

Islammunism is on the march in Lebanon, for now. At some point, Israel will turn Beirut into a parking lot. Another result of the Bush Administration trying to decide which government rules in someone else’s country.

Clancy Vindicated Again!

Any Tom Clancy fan who has read The Bear and the Dragon will appreciate this: a fighter jet intercepting a ballistic missile with its on-board weapon systems.