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I feel very wrong for getting so much pleasure out of reading this article.

The First Feline Battalion’s Newest Member

Meet Guinness. He is formerly of the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh. He is now a private in the First Feline Battalion. He has already survived harsh elements and food deprivation. Great things are expected of him.

Fred lives!

There were rumors of my cousin’s demise, but Fred (a.k.a.”Verrazano”) is alive and well. He was doing surveillance for the next special mission. He was almost caught by the enemy, but his stealthy ways were why we chose this young chap for our surveillance team. The tiny kitteh has hopefully learned his lesson in Chinatown.


I can’t make stuff like this up even if I wanted to.

Kittehs In Training

This is but a glimpse into how the kittehs get fit for combat. This one is obviously in Navy SEALS training:

Semper Fi, in Peacetime Too…

Remember our fine Marines on Tuesday.