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My $0.02 on Ferguson (Quantifying Equity)

Note: for the sake of brevity, I refer to the collective white community as “Whitey”. —— The St. Louis County¬†grand jury decided, after careful deliberation, that there was not enough evidence to even put police officer Darren Wilson on trial. If there’s no indictment, that means there was no case. Period. The¬†prosecutor–Robert P. McCulloch–provided an […]

Better Yet…

Talk show host Tom Joyner is offering Rachel Jeantel–the much-maligned prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman case–a chance to attend college tuition-free. At face-value, that is a very kind and charitable gesture. But seriously, given that the market that is already saturated with college degrees–it may be an dead-end offer. I would suggest that she […]

Professor Hale Weighs in on Zimmerman Trial

He seems to have screwed up the same things I did. 1. I was certain that an all female jury would find Zimmerman guilty. I even mistook their 16+ hour deliberation as a sign that they were doing their best to find Zimmerman guilty of SOMETHING. But I was wrong and I am glad I […]

Zimmerman Acquitted

I am glad I was wrong on this one: I predicted that George Zimmerman would be convicted, even though his acquittal should have been a no-brainer. In spite of the overwhelming pile of evidence i his favor, the deck was stacked against Zimmerman: (1) the Governor–Richard Scott–caved to pressure from the Obama Administration and the […]

Why Zimmerman Case Should be No-Brainer

The tragedy here–other than the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin–is that George Zimmerman is even on trial for the death. I have no joy over the demise of the 17-year-old Martin. I do not celebrate the pain of his parents or family. It is easy to see where one would want someone to pay for […]

Prediction: Zimmerman Gets Convicted

If this was just about the evidence, it should be a no brainer: George Zimmerman should walk. This case should not even be in court. The prosecution has no case, the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of Zimmerman, and the reasonable doubt in his favor is so wide I could land a Boeing 777 on […]

A Bleak Picture

I cannot answer as to whether this is the exception or the rule for black youth. (I realize that anecdote is not statistic, but–having been to inner-city schools and one integrated school–I never saw a situation that was this bad. Then again, it’s been a while since I was in school.) Still, if this is […]

Question About Epithets

I realize the N-word is a racial epithet. Even when I lived in the Deep South as a child, I was never comfortable with others who derided blacks as “n*****s”. On the other hand, it was always my understanding that “negro” was a technical reference to blacks, and not a racial slur. In elementary school, […]