Reason #15,918 Why the United Nations Sucks

While I laud Duch’s eventual embrace of Christianity, as well as his remorse expressed for his participation in one of the most brutal massacres in recent history, the U.N. tribunal is a bunch of idiots for only sentencing him to 19 years for these crimes.

I would have supported a death sentence, although that was not on the table in this case. At the very least, he should have received life. That should have been a no-brainer.

Penn State Coverup

Isn’t it hilarious that liberals believe in regulating everything, except for scientists who get tax money to promote leftist agendas?

Apparently, Penn State is taking a three monkey approach to the investigation of Michael Mann, whose “hockey stick” graph has resulted in a mother lode of federal funding for the folks in Harrisburg.

MSM is even jumping on the story.

It’s long past time to call this global warming schlock for what it is: a massive effort to impose fascism on the world, all in the name of “saving the planet”.

If Obama wants to strike a blow for the integrity of science, he’d start prosecuting these bastards for fraud.

That is, after he pulled the United States out of the United Nations, and ordered the Navy SEALs to demolish the building.

Those Hypersexed Pedophiles at the U.N. . .

Former Chief U.N. Weapon Inspector Scott Ritter, was busted in a sex sting.

It was not his first excursion in such matters, as he was nabbed twice in 2001–one case was dismissed, the other never resulted in charges.

The only group of people in Haiti, for whom I have NO sympathy whatsoever, is the U.N. community there. If they were the only casualties of the earthquake, I’d call for a celebration.

The U.N. is little more than an international mission that promotes anti-semitism, infanticide, genocide, and pedophilia. That we let them operate in this country, is a national disgrace.

Just Imagine…

Your 5-year-old son begins kindergarten, where his trek of indoctrinationlearning begins. You’re expecting him to learn many new things about math, reading, social skills, following directions, interacting with the teacher…

Unfortunately, the United Nations is giving a close-up view of their idea of kindergarten interaction.

Of course, given the U.N.’s track record, that is not surprising.