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Race Relations, Part 1: The Attack on Statues, Monuments

Having lived on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, and having attended both de-facto segregated schools (grades 4, 7-8.5,10-12) and integrated/de-segregted schools (grades 1-3, 5-6,8.5-9), and having worked in environments that included multicultural settings, I’m going to offer my $0.02 on race relations and confederate statues and monuments. When I was in 3rd grade, we […]

A Feminist, Bisexual, Pro-Abortion Feminist Repents

LifeSiteNews chronicles the story of Sara Fernanda Giromin. #ToHellWithFeminism


For your perusal.

Obama is Unhinged

Either President Obama has absolutely no clue how the real world works–and this is possible, as he went from academia to community organizer to politician–or he is trying deliberately to destroy the American health care system. Fact is, businesses have spent the last three years preparing for the implementation of ObamaCare. That was passed by […]

Why Zimmerman Case Should be No-Brainer

The tragedy here–other than the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin–is that George Zimmerman is even on trial for the death. I have no joy over the demise of the 17-year-old Martin. I do not celebrate the pain of his parents or family. It is easy to see where one would want someone to pay for […]

The Gay “Marriage” Revolution, and the Future of American Christianity

Almost 30 years ago, in 11th grade health class, we all had a very substantial discussion of homosexuality. (The health class included a sex-ed component, and it was in this context that the discussion took place.) The teacher–RR, who was also my tennis coach–was quite liberal, but, to his credit, was fair in his presentation […]

Boehner, Ryan, Obama, and The Never-Ending Fiscal Cliff Charade

Conservatives had better wake up, smell the napalm, and identify the real enemy to their lives and livelihoods. It isn’t President Obama. Sure, he is no hero to the Constitution. Sure, he cares not about personal liberties or free markets. Sure, he opposes gun rights, supports abortion (even at taxpayer expense) and gay “marriage”. But […]

A Must-Read by Phyllis Schlafly

Schlafly–who nearly single-handedly nixed the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment”–has a priceless take on government and the “domestic violence” industry.

When Government Fails…

I wonder when Texans are going to start doing this with respect to illegal immigrants.


HT to Vox Day for this one.

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