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Academic Oppression of Christians: Fact vs. Fiction

As I reviewed of the movie God’s Not Dead (GND), one of my biggest gripes was the lack of realism in the plot, particularly the way the conflict between the fictional Professor Radisson and freshman Josh Wheaton materialized. It began with Radisson, a philosophy professor, taking the first day of an introductory philosophy class and […]

The Education Bubble…Is She About to Go Pop?

At first glance, the cracks seem to be forming. In the fall of 2012, published tuition and fees for in-state students at four-year U.S. public schools rose just 2.9 percent from a year earlier, the smallest increase in 33 years, the College Board reported. At private schools, published prices rose 3.8 percent, lower than the […]

Hugo Schwyzer Asked to Resign

Hugo Schwyzer–the male “Women’s Studies” professor known for sleeping with his students, then fashioning himself as a reformed bad boy who embraced feminism before recently imploding–has been asked to resign his professorship or face disciplinary action. Schwyzer is now admitting that he returned to his philandering ways once again after one of his students–Meagan–posted a […]

Academia, Government, and Malinvestment

In the real world, preschools and day care centers are plenteous. The market is one of near-perfect competition, where rates are competitive, competitors are always coming and going, and there isn’t a lot of quality variance: most preschools fundamentally suck, and the “better” ones are often lesser evils. Preschool workers–as a group–do not make a […]

Feministas with their Panties in a Bunch

A pro-life group at University of Buffalo encountered a fair share of opposition, some of it from faculty. A particular feminista, however, earned the Panties in a Bunch Award.

Sounding the Alarm about Academic Illusions

Sadly, in many fields–particularly the humanities–PhDs are a dime a dozen. And for every PhD out there–hoping for a tenure-track slot–there are scores of people languishing in ABD (All But Dissertation) hell. And while this is not just the humanities–it is also in the hard sciences as well–it is worth noting: much of the incentive […]


HT to Vox Day for this one.

Pile On That Student Loan Debt

…and set yourself up for disaster.

The Great PhD Scam

Nothing against those who are seeking PhDs–they are usually very hardworking folks who embarked on that venture in search of a career path that they thought would be awaiting them upon receipt of that terminal degree. The problem is the system that awards them, and–I would add–the Academic-Governmental Complex that has fed that beast through […]

Womyn of the World Unite

Peter Wood is committing heresy! HERESY I say! Seriously, he is trodding dangerous ground by pointing out what should be obvious to anyone with a semblance of knowledge of history. Personally, I will drink Guinness…Foreign Extra Stout…to the demise of academia. We should allow student loan debts to be dischargeable in bankruptcies, if only to […]

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