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Guinness Survives Close Call in North Korea

Guinness, eager to prove his bona fides with the 1st Feline Battalion, went on a solo reconnaissance mission in North Korea. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, he ended up a hundred miles away from his planned drop zone. Almost immediately, he came under heavy enemy fire. Thankfully, the North Koreans can’t shoot very well. Guinness, […]

Hero Kitteh Saves the Day

A good kitteh is a faithful kitteh, and takes care of hoomin kittehs.

Just when you thought cruelty to animals couldn’t get worse…

When I showed Recon this, he told me that he’s changed his mind about making the perp drink cat urine for the rest of his life. He agreed with me that the monster who did this deserves an even worse fate… a trip to see Dr. Pasternak (Tom Clancy reference).

OUCH! Big Kitteh Scalps Man in India

Those big kittehs are not very amenable to hoomins.

The First Feline Battalion’s Newest Member

Meet Guinness. He is formerly of the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh. He is now a private in the First Feline Battalion. He has already survived harsh elements and food deprivation. Great things are expected of him.

RIP Sneaky (2000 – 2011)

We are sad to announce the passing of the legendary spymaster, Sneaky. In the world of feline operations, her work is the stuff of legend. While she retired four years ago, she had been in great post-retirement spirits, in spite of being slowed by arthritis. She was a sweet, friendly kitteh. She will be missed.

Fred lives!

There were rumors of my cousin’s demise, but Fred (a.k.a.”Verrazano”) is alive and well. He was doing surveillance for the next special mission. He was almost caught by the enemy, but his stealthy ways were why we chose this young chap for our surveillance team. The tiny kitteh has hopefully learned his lesson in Chinatown.


As a superhero feline, I admire humans who appreciate the ranks of cats. Still, this gal is out of her freaking mind. All she is doing is providing entertainment for myself and others like my parents.

Feline Ops in the GWOT

Less-publicized in the undoing of Osama bin Laden is the work of elite felines in the most sensitive reconnaissance missions. (HT to Russ) Even though they are very friendly to children, the cats in these units are the baddest of the badasses. I cannot confirm or deny whether felines had anything to do with the […]

Kittehs In Training

This is but a glimpse into how the kittehs get fit for combat. This one is obviously in Navy SEALS training:

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