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Rapper lives his music… and pays the price

Found out about this not long ago. Seems there’s this minor rapper going by Montana Millz (real name Michael Persaud). One of his songs (if you want to call it that) is “Sell Drugz” (alternatively spelled “Drugsz”). Well, he decided to do just that. Which brings us to another of his songs: “Feds Watching”. They […]

Serial Adultery + Bad Parenting + Gothardism + Calvinism = Disaster

What Jeri Massi has here is very much worth the read. I will elaborate more on this later, as there are several factors that I wish to address.

Child Sex Abuse Ring Busted — With Questionable Tactics

I don’t know if I should drink a beer in honor of the authorities who busted these guys, or excoriate them for their tactics. While their ethics might be questionable here, I cannot say that I lament the demise of these pedophiles. Prison is too soft for them.

Feminist Writer: We Need to End “Orgasm Privilege”

Those sexually-repressed feminists…I mean, seriously. I had coffee coming out of my nose when I read that one. Feminism typically provides entertainment for me at their expense.

NeoCals and “Accountability”

First, some stipulations: (1) When we speak of Calvinism, it is important to distinguish between two things: Calvinism as a hermeneutical model (good) and Calvinism as a dogmatic set of teachings (not so good). Calvinist hermeneutics–which, in a nutshell, takes the Scriptures at face value and allows the Scriptures to speak for itself–is a solid, […]

The Burger King Employee of the Year

This dumb broad has quite the future.

Prebyterrorist Church USA: We’re Cool With Homogamy

I fully expect the exodus from the PCUSA to continue after this.

Happy Atheist Day!

What better day to honor folks like Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens than April Fool’s Day!

Good Luck With That, Ms. Glass

MrsLarijani pointed me to a piece written by Amy Glass, within which she referenced this. For her own sake, I hope Ms. Glass recovers from this lapse in intelligence. As she stands now, she is dismissing herself as a biological dead-end. In another generation, no one will either remember or care about her work. If […]

Obama Betrays the Good Faith of Americans, Part 2

First, there was Benghazi. Two retired Navy SEALs put in a Medal of Honor-caliber performance; an Ambassador called desperately for help; when Gen. Carter Ham tried to do his part to send in the help–as a military man, he understands the “leave no man behind” ethos–he was forcibly relieved of duty. Four men died. They […]

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