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Abuse and Divorce: It’s Not An Exact Science

In the Twitter wars–in which I have been quite active–the Deebs, Amy Smith, and some other fairly knowledgeable folks–are pounding on the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Paige Patterson, John Piper, Matt Chandler, and other complementarian (comp) leaders over their position on divorce, particularly whether it appropriate to recommend, particularly whether the Scriptures permit it, and […]

Plenty of Blame to Go Around Here, Especially on Her End

In November, Dalrock provided an assessment of this piece, by Jenny Erikson, who divorced her husband. While I agree with Dalrock, I do think his assessment is incomplete. As I read Erikson’s post, several things stood out: (1) If half of what she says about her pastor is true, he is a manipulative, micromanagy scumbag. […]

Identify the Enemy

JC is my dear and precious New-Yorker/Puerto Rican (read: passionate and fiesty!) friend who now lives in the great state of Texas. We met when we moved into the same neighborhood about nine years ago. JC is my friend who I can call, even if I haven’t talked to her in a year, and say, […]

Stolen Chunks of Life

There are so many things about divorce that rob us of life we could be living if we didn’t have to deal with them. Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific right now, although when my brain de-fries some, I will be able to come up with some publishable examples. There are some who think divorce […]