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Matt Walsh Hits One Out of the Park

It will be interesting to see what backlash he gets for this one.

“Why Women Spurn Marriage”

Feel free to discuss this piece by Pepper Schwartz, a professor of Sociology at University of Washington. I’d say she is ignoring a couple of large elephants in her office that are crapping all over her carpet. I’ll elaborate more later.

And No, I Don’t Endorse Men “Playing the Field”

I had to say that, because of the headline in this article. (HT: Vox Day) Women who have several sexual partners before getting married have less happy marriages – but men do no harm by playing the field,a study has found. According to new research by the National Marriage Project, more than half of married […]

Advice from PhD Scientist: Put off Career, Get Married Earlier

Susan “Princeton Mom” Patton created a firestorm by writing this editorial for the Wall Street Journal. The feminist establishment has their panties in the mother of all twists. If you don’t believe me, read the comments for that article. Reinforcing Patton’s advice, Vox Day has followed up with this, where a PhD scientist, who married […]

A Big Elephant In The Room

First, some disclosures. These are no-brainers, but the ensuing discussion is going to almost certainly create some blowback. (1) From a Christian standpoint, I accept that men and women alike are called to eschew sexual immorality and to keep sex in the marriage bed. (2) While the dynamics of the pickup (PUA*) culture are rational, […]

Walsh Misses the Point

Fair disclosure: I like Susan Walsh. While she blogs from a secular perspective, she has provided some good, stark perspective regarding the “sexual marketplace” and has done a good job articulating the price that feminism has exacted from both sexes. She has been excellent at exposing the down side of the hookup culture. Still, I […]

Interesting Take on Single Moms

And no, we are not shaming every single mom here. But Dalrock–picking up on a post from Captain Capitalism–has a very interesting take. And yes, I agree with Dalrock and Captain Capitalism regarding the general situation. I’ll explain later, as work-related matters are eating my time right now.

Schwyzer Out at Pasadena City College

Hugo Schwyzer–whom I plastered a few times from here–has been forced to resign his professorship at Pasadena City College. Good riddance. He was the prototypical male feminist. He was the poster boy for the cause, and was given favorable coverage at prominent feminist blog sites. He even parlayed his born-again feminism into a professorship–of women’s […]

Walsh Provides Frank Assessment of “Marital Market Value”

HT to Susan Walsh. I definitely prefer MMV (marital market value) over SMV (sexual market value). I cannot say I have an issue with most of what she has written. As for her pointers to the ladies to “Up Your Girl Game”: 1. Achieve and maintain physical fitness. 2. Dress to flatter your body shape […]

Hypergamy Leading to Misery of Chinese Women

Well Hell’s Bells! (HT: Vox Day at Alpha Game) BEIJING — Feminists are concerned that some Chinese women in their late 20s who are doing well in their careers but are labeled “leftover women” for not having married yet, may be their own worst enemies. Yep. “They are still living in a traditional mindset and […]

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