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Now That We Nabbed the Boston Bombers…

On Friday night, the FBI called a press conference–with the Boston PD and told us: (a) The Boston Marathon bombers are both accounted for; (2) they are brothers, raised in Idaho; (3) they were Tea Party activists, the older brother being a teacher at First Baptist Church; (4) they were planning additional attacks on abortion […]

For Those Who Have Their Panties in a Twist Over a Few Roasted Korans

Professor Hale has the perfect answer.

The GOP Field and Iran

Questions for the candidates: (1) The United States has–since the Cold War era–maintained that any effort to shut down the Strait of Hormuz will be considered an act of war against the United States. Where do you stand on that, and what would your response be to such an effort by the Iranians or any […]


I feel very wrong for getting so much pleasure out of reading this article.

The First Feline Battalion’s Newest Member

Meet Guinness. He is formerly of the Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh. He is now a private in the First Feline Battalion. He has already survived harsh elements and food deprivation. Great things are expected of him.

It’s Time to Go

The time to leave Trashcanistan has arrived. Even Uncle Jimbo–of BlackFive–admits the obvious. We spent far too long marking time in Afghanistan hoping that a fantasy national government would emerge to take control. Then we threw away our last chance to do what was necessary when our Campaigner in Chief announced his political faux surge […]

A Few Thoughts about Irene and Libya

(1) As far as hurricanes go, Irene was largely a dud. It was a Cat 1, much weaker than Katrina, Rita, Andrew, Hugo, Ike, Ivan, Camille, Erin, and other nasty hurricanes that have smacked the Gulf region and the East Coast. (2) At the same time, it was a large storm that carried a lot […]

Fred lives!

There were rumors of my cousin’s demise, but Fred (a.k.a.”Verrazano”) is alive and well. He was doing surveillance for the next special mission. He was almost caught by the enemy, but his stealthy ways were why we chose this young chap for our surveillance team. The tiny kitteh has hopefully learned his lesson in Chinatown.

No, Vox…

…9/11 is certainly not a joke (I reference his WND column). It may be that for the policy wonks and related asshats who use it to justify our current imperial endeavors, but it is no joke to those of us who view that as an act of war against our people, one that is the […]

Kill a Commie for Mommie

It would be nice to liberate the prison camps in North Korea.

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