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Hugo Schwyzer Implodes

I’ve hammered the feminist-sympathizing Hugo Schwyzer from these pages before. In fact, when he debated Neely Steinberg–a feminist recovering from the hookup culture–I even supported Steinberg, who, in spite of her feminism, was starting to see the light. Now, Hugo (WARNING: Sexual content in the included link!) appears to be getting his comeuppance. (HT: Vox […]

Communist Takeover of the U.S. is Underway

Say what you want about Roissy, he’s spot on here. If you support this crap, then you are out of touch with what being an American is all about.

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO)

shows why the GOP is the “Stupid party.” But Kerry Gauthier (D-MO) shows why the DNC is the “Evil Party”.

Slam the Door in Her Face Next Time

TFR, writing to Dr. Helen, notes the following: I work for a small software company in Austin, Texas. I am 58. We have a young intern, perhaps 25, from Germany. I was introduced to her once two weeks ago, but we have not worked together and so I have not really spoken with her since. […]

Proof That Society is Hosed

A little-leaguer was helping a pitcher warm up in a bullpen. He misfired on a return throw, and the ball struck a woman in the face, causing multiple fractures. He is now being sued for $500K. She is claiming that he intentionally hit her. Cubbie can correct me on this, but I think she’s going […]

“Hell Hath No Fury…”

HT to Vox Day. This is what happens when a man breaks up with a woman, and still tries to remain friends with her.

It Can ALWAYS Be Worse…

As despicable as the affair between RL and BW was, it doesn’t quite rise to this level.

Oppose Bullying…Oppose Christianity!

Well, that’s what Dan Savage wants you to believe.