Hugo Schwyzer Implodes

I’ve hammered the feminist-sympathizing Hugo Schwyzer from these pages before. In fact, when he debated Neely Steinberg–a feminist recovering from the hookup culture–I even supported Steinberg, who, in spite of her feminism, was starting to see the light.

Now, Hugo (WARNING: Sexual content in the included link!) appears to be getting his comeuppance. (HT: Vox Day)

As for my thoughts on the guy, I have nothing but contempt. Many are hitting him for his hypocrisy, but I think that is one of his lighter faults. Jimmy Swaggart was a hypocrite; at the same time, he was more akin to the plumber who was good at his work, even if he didn’t always take care of his own sinks and toilets.

No, to compare him with Jimmy Swaggart would be an insult to Swaggart. Schwyzer is far worse than a hypocrite. He used his position as a gender studies professor–whose audience included young women–to prey on young women. (He slept with a fair number of his students over the years.)

Worse yet, he attempted to commit murder and suicide (after sexually taking advantage of someone who had been brutally victimized), then–after failing–minimized the his actions. I promise I’m not making this crap up.

Slam the Door in Her Face Next Time

TFR, writing to Dr. Helen, notes the following:

I work for a small software company in Austin, Texas. I am 58. We have a young intern, perhaps 25, from Germany. I was introduced to her once two weeks ago, but we have not worked together and so I have not really spoken with her since.

This morning we happened to be on the elevator together as we arrived at work. When arrived at our floor, I pushed the button to hold the elevator doors open as she walked out. She walked to the card reader that unlocks the entrance and swiped her card. I opened the door when I heard it unlock and held it for her as she stepped through. She actually laughed at me. And not in a good way. I had plenty to do and she is the darling of the CEO who is a woman, so I just got some coffee, went to my desk, and started my work. Elsewhere, I would have said something.

The funny thing is that because of incidents similar to this and worse, I’ve sworn off opening doors for unencumbered, able-bodied women that I don’t know. (I open doors for encumbered or infirm people regardless of gender or acquaintance or if it just makes physical sense.) In this case, I opened her door a) because she is a co-worker, and b) because she went to the card reader first and it would have been rude to just stand there.

On one hand, I want to ask all members of the XX crowd to get together and jot a note or two to tell the XY crowd how these things should work. Really, it can’t be that hard…..

Once, I had a gal who tried that feminist line of crap when I held the door for her. I told her to save her lecture for someone who gives a crap.

The only way to defeat feminism is to stop tolerating it.

Proof That Society is Hosed

A little-leaguer was helping a pitcher warm up in a bullpen. He misfired on a return throw, and the ball struck a woman in the face, causing multiple fractures.

He is now being sued for $500K.

She is claiming that he intentionally hit her.

Cubbie can correct me on this, but I think she’s going to have one heck of a hard time proving this in court.

At any rate, this kind of legal crap is going to destroy our society.

When a person can’t do something as simple as participate in a youth sporting event without the prospect of getting nailed with a 6-figure lawsuit if the slightest thing goes on, then what is the incentive to work hard and take risks, the very type of activity that we NEED for real economic growth?