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America’s Dumbest Criminals Strike Again!

Figure it’s time for me to get back into posting a little. How, may you ask? Well, let’s get back to a favorite theme of mine… stupid criminals! How about this one… a Florida moron Googles “how to rob a bank” and proceeds to do just that? Needless to say, he soon got caught. Or […]

Serial Adultery + Bad Parenting + Gothardism + Calvinism = Disaster

What Jeri Massi has here is very much worth the read. I will elaborate more on this later, as there are several factors that I wish to address.

Feminism is a Mental Illness

In case you needed more proof.

Feminism Takes it On the Chin (Literally)

An Army soldier–while deployed in Iraq–decided to issue the challenge that she could beat any Marine on the base. This is what happened (HT: Vox Day). Vox made the astute observation that neither one of these two folks had a clue about boxing. I agree: had the man gone for the midsection rather than the […]