Feminism Takes it On the Chin (Literally)

An Army soldier–while deployed in Iraq–decided to issue the challenge that she could beat any Marine on the base.

This is what happened (HT: Vox Day).

Vox made the astute observation that neither one of these two folks had a clue about boxing. I agree: had the man gone for the midsection rather than the head, this fight would have been over in about 30 seconds.

Personally, I think the guy was taking it easy on her.

To her credit, she was tougher than the average gal; she took punches better than I expected she would, but she was totally defenseless. She lacked speed; she lacked mobility. Strength-wise, she was totally in over her head. The outcome was not in doubt; only the time of knockout was of any debate.

What I found ridiculous is that she showed an utter lack of sportsmanship after the match. That is quite telling.