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Women in Ranger School: Two Made It

When the first co-ed Ranger School class began, the first week had much promise: eight of them, out of 19, made it through the first week. This prompted critics to wonder if the standards had been lowered. Personally, I was not so sure: most of RAP week is PT, and there are women who can […]

Women in Ranger School, Part 3

That eight women made it through RAP week of Ranger School was impressive. I didn’t think that many would make it into the Darby Phase. While none of the eight passed the Darby Phase on the first try, they were eligible to recycle. However, none made it on the second try: five were bounced out of Ranger […]

Women in Ranger School, Part 2

The first co-ed Ranger School class began on April 20 with great fanfare and promise: of the the 19 women who showed up, only three failed the first day. In percentage terms, their Day 1 performance was better than the men. By the end of the week, however, only 8 of those women remained. Still, […]

New Book About Korean War and No Kum-Sok

Blaine Harden, author of Escape From Camp 14, has written a new book, The Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot, which chronicles the rise of Kim Il-Sung, key milestones in the Korean War, and the life of No Kum-Sok (Kenneth Rowe), who would defect to the United States by flying a MiG-15 into Kimpo Air Base […]

The First Co-Ed Ranger School Class Began Today

The initial report here is that 16 of the 19 women passed the opening PT assessment on the first day of Ranger School. To anyone with Ranger School bona fides: does this pass the smell test?

Wasted Ranger School Slots?

It appears that Fort Benning is going to be seeing women in the next cycle of Ranger School. Personally, I think the Army is wasting time here. While it is entirely possible that there may be a woman or two who are capable of handling the physical and psychological rigors of Ranger School, I find […]

He Was An Idiot

I don’t usually say this about folks in our military Special Operations community, as they tend to be fairly bright folks. The person in question in this case, in fact, was in SEAL Team 6/DEVGRU/Whatever its real name is, and was supposedly involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. So I know he […]

On the Brink with North Korea

The Korean War never really ended. Only a truce prevents the resumption of hostilities. Should those resume, it will be ugly all the way around, with high death tolls among our troops, the South Koreans, and the North Koreans. We could lose more troops in the first month of a resumed Korean War than we […]

Gen. Newbold: Frank Discussion Needed on Women in the Infantry

HT to Michael Yon. This is gold.

Fine Reading

No Kum-Sok, also known as Kenneth Rowe, was ER’s father. I didn’t realize that he had written a book about his defection from North Korea.

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