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#TeamAbigail: Dramatic Exit from ECMO

For five long days, Abigail remained hooked up to the ECMO machine. On the third day, they added a dialysis machine in order to relieve the 33% weight gain due to fluid buildup that is characteristic of babies on ECMO. While her numbers had improved steadily, ECMO carries inherent risks that are unending. In the […]

#TeamAbigail: “Your Baby Lived, God is Good”

Recently, as I announced to our Facebook friends that we were finally, after 7 weeks, taking Abigail home, a friend of mine–a former pastor’s wife–chimed in: “Abigail lived. God is good.” The statement bothered me a bit. After all, the survival of a NICU baby is hardly a referendum on the goodness of God. And […]

#TeamAbigail, Part 4: The Stockdale Paradox

On the morning of February 13, I was upbeat. Our baby had been born not even 48 hours before. While she was in NICU, I saw no indication–based on what we were told–that this would be too big of a deal. I figured, at worst, we might be in Lexington for a few days, but […]

#TeamAbigail, Part 3: The Stork Crash-Lands

I always found the analogy of the stork, in child delivery, to be amusing. Perhaps it was my childhood enjoyment of cartoons like this one. But, using that analogy, at about 9:00 PM on Saturday, February 11, Catholic Charities gave us both good news and bad news: Good news: Abigail was born at about 11AM. […]

#TeamAbigail, Part 2: The Runup to D-Day

When we received the news that we had been picked, it was January 13. The expected due date was given as February 8. However, that was a rough estimate, given that it was from an ultrasound in ER early in the pregnancy. According to the folks at Catholic Charities, delivery could happen at any time, […]

#TeamAbigail, Part 1, Introduction: “Our Wait is Over!!!”

On December 5, 2009, MrsLarijani and I got married. From that time, we began attempting to procreate. The effort was enjoyable. But no bueno: for all our efforts, we were unable to conceive. Ultimately, we decided to check to see what our fertility issues were. As it turns out, I’m shooting blanks. I was not […]