Terri Schiavo: Her Fight has Ended; Ours Has Begun

03/31/2005: Terri Schiavo has died from torture at the hands of her “husband”–Michael Schiavo, aided and abetted by the United States Court System.

The same judiciary that considers lethally injecting criminals–who committed heinous crimes in their youth–unusual punishment, is perfectly comfortable with starving and dehydrating an innocent woman to death.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush has been seriously disappointing, by neglecting his oath to the Constitution and submitting to the the rule of black-robed Taliban who give philandering husbands the power to kill their wives.

(That’s the thing about hard-core leftists: they are pro-oppression. They opposed the liberations of Iraq and Afghanistan. If it were up to them, the Taliban would be executing women and Saddam would be raping them. Their support of husbands killing their wives is therefore quite understandable.)

Unfortunately, by not calling in the National Guard and having a showdown with the renegade court system, Jeb Bush has shown that he has not the stones to deal with the most important domestic issues of our day.

This was not about abortion, or the “right to die” or even physician-assisted suicide. Terri’s defenders included pro-life groups and many liberal, otherwise pro-choice stalwarts: Lanny Davis, David Boies, Ralph Nader, Jesse Jackson, and Alan Dershowitz. Even Bill Clinton supported rescuing Terri Schiavo.

Mark it, folks: this is another step down the slippery slope to genocide in America. Just wait until there are more elderly people receiving Social Security benefits than there are taxpayers paying into the system. Can you spell euthanasia? I’m sure Peter Singer is having orgasms right now.

This is a sad day for America. Very sad indeed.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

03/30/2005: A Federal appeals court is now considering the case of Terri Schiavo. Why they have not ordered an injunction (which would require insertion of a feeding tube) is puzzling as Terri is probably suffering multiple organ failure after 13 days of starvation and dehydration. I sure hope that morphine drip is working.

I usually disagree with Jesse Jackson, who is now lobbying to save Terri. It IS worth considering when Terri’s supporters now include:

(1) Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT): steadfast supporter of abortion rights
(2) Ralph Nader: hard-core leftist and supporter of abortion rights
(3) Tammy Bruce: former NOW leader who supports abortion rights
(4) Peggy Noonan: Republican who supports abortion rights
(5) Jesse Jackson: longtime supporter of abortion rights.

It is not like any of thse folks are hard-core pro-life extremists. Sadly, Jesse Jackson is probably too late.

The most frequent comment I hear on this matter is, “It is not the place of the government to interfere. It should be a family decision.”

Fine. What if family members cannot come to agreement? What if the person’s biological family wants her to live and the husband wants her to die?

Florida law leaves the decision to the husband. However, what happens when the husband has been involved in a conflicting relationship for the last ten years? Michael Schiavo has been shacking up with a live-in girlfriend whom he affectionately calls “his fiancee”.

Oh…by the way….he has two kids with her.

If this is about a husband’s “love”, then Hitler was just trying to “help” the Jews of Europe.

Besides, I thought it was barbaric (can you say ‘Taliban’???) for husbands to have authority to kill people within their household.

For those who call Terri’s death peaceful, I have a deal for you.

**I will strap you to a gurney with velcro.
**You will be given no food or water.
**You will lay there until you die.

You will receive the following amenities:
**continous music.
**stuffed animals
**a morphine drip to manage your convulsions as your body organs start failing.

One more thing: I promise I won’t shoot you, no matter how much you may beg me.

You’ll get to experience the same peaceful, euphoric death that Terri is experiencing.

Any takers?

Terri Schiavo and GOP Impotence

03/28/2005: President Bush–and Florida Governor Jeb Bush–are showing exactly why the GOP is impotent.

They don’t care enough to confront social issues decisively.

While Dubya is more forceful than his father, he has failed to push sufficiently with respect to his judicial appointments. Federal judge appointments are extremely important, as they will impact society long after his term is over. Bush needs to fight as if the fundamental rights to life and liberty depend on his judicial appointments. Because they do. So far, Bush has been majorly disappointing on this front.

At this point, enter Jeb Bush.

Given the flagrant disregard for multiple conflicts of interest, a probate judge is getting away with murder. The Florida Supreme Court–jammed with leftists who would revert America to Communism if they got the chance–have rejected every appeal by Terri Schiavo’s parents. Jeb Bush claims he can do no more.

How bad is this case?

Michael Schiavo–Terri’s Husband In Name Only–has a live-in girlfriend whom he calls his “fiance”. He has two children with her. He obviously has a conflict of interest that any reasonable person should be able to ascertain.

Judge Greer–the probate judge who has rubber-stamped Michael Schiavo’s murder request–has received money from Schiavo’s legal team. The “impartial” physician that Greer hired as an advisor sits on a committee that promotes life or death decision-making with respect to utilitarian ethics.

Bush claims his hands are tied, even though he is the Commander-In-Chief of the Florida National Guard.

It’s long-past time someone took a stand and confronted judicial tyranny. I’m not questioning the pro-life position of either Dubya or Jeb; however, they are sworn to defend the Constitution. As members of co-equal branches of government, they have the right–and duty–to bring renegade courts in line.

Like federal bureaucracies, many judges have far-exceeded their Constitutional authority.

By refusing to go all-out, Jeb has shown that he is willing to concede the authority of tyrants. As long as he does this, neither our lives nor our liberties are truly safe.

Don’t believe me? An innocent woman in Florida is being tortured to death.

Meanwhile, Bush is using the Clinton defense (“I don’t have any controlling legal authority…”)

This is why conservatism has failed.

Terri Schiavo: Unanswered Questions

03/27/2005: As Terri Schiavo slips from life to death–as ordered by the courts–I have a few questions for those who are so anxious to get Terri out of the way:

(1) If–as the New York Times has claimed–Terri’s starvation would result in euphoria for her rather than pain, then why is she on morphine? Didn’t the “experts” say she has no brain function and would feel no pain?

(2) If Terri’s cerebral cortex is completely destroyed, then why is she responsive to her parents? Why has she never been given an MRI or a PET scan? Why only a CAT scan?

(3) If Terri can feel pain, then how can there be no electrical activity coming from her brain?

(4) Why has judge Greer–who has received money from Michael Schiavo’s lawyers–not been recused from this case?

(5) Why is the initial police investigation into Terri’s “accident” sealed? Would a little sunshine not clear the air on the matter?

(6) Why has Michael Schiavo’s quest to kill Terri–complicated by the fact that he has two children with a mistress he has been humping for ten years–not been thrown out on standing? Any rational human being should be able to see the conflict of interest here. (For a probable answer to this, see question #4.)

Lest anyone fall prey to the notion that Terri’s supporters are exclusively pro-lifers:

(1) Terri’s supporters include Ralph Nader, who is very pro-choice on the abortion issue.

(2) Terri’s supporters include Tammy Bruce, a former NOW leader who is openly gay, feminist, and pro-choice on abortion.

(3) Terri’s supporters include moderate Republicans such as Peggy Noonan, who is pro-choice on abortion.

Fact is, if I starved and dehydrated my cats, I would be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of cruelty to animals. Contary to Peter Singer’s sputum, Terri Schiavo is worth more than an animal.

This case is not about a woman’s right to die. This is about corruption in the Police department, Sheriff’s office (where Michael Schiavo works), and the judicial branch of Florida.

There is only one way to stop this:

(1) Immediately after Terri dies, the state should order an autopsy. We need answers on the extent to which Terri was abused by Michael Schiavo’s willful withholding of dental care, antibiotics, and other therapies that may have benefited Terri.

(2) The State should investigate Judge Greer for corruption.

(3) The State should investigate Michael Schiavo and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department for corruption.

Of course, if I were Bush, I’d call in the Florida National Guard to move in and reinsert the feeding tube. Greer has made his decision, now let him enforce it.

We need a showdown between Bush and Florida’s judicial system. Nothing will change until the defacation hits the circulation at a high velocity. Someone needs to go all-out to combat judicial tyranny. Jeb Bush has nothing to lose.

Jetseta Marrie Gage: Deja Vu All Over Again

03/25/2005: I can’t freaking believe it! Another child has apparently died at the hands of a convicted sex offender who got out of jail. 10-year-old Jetseta Marrie Gage joins Jessica Lunsford and Megan Kanka among the ranks of children who paid the ultimate price because our justice system is easy on sex offenders.

This time the villain appears to be Roger Paul Bentley, a 37-year-old convicted in 1994 in Benton County of lascivious acts with a child.

I’m sure the authorities will rightly express their outrage. I’m sure the prosecutors will push for the maximum punishment this time around. They will go out of the way to make sure that barn door is locked, now that the horses have been stolen.

This approach–while correct–fails to deal with the fundamental problem: like Kenneth Parnell…like Jesse Timmendequas…like John Evander Couey…what was Bentley doing on the streets with a child sex-crime conviction???

If legislators give a possum’s posterior about children, they will wake up, smell the napalm, and pass some real legislation that takes child sex offenders off the street forever!

Anyone who claims to be tough on crime but is willing to let a child molester walk is unfit for public office.

It is all well and good to come down hard on these criminals after they have raped and murdered children. Sadly, this does nothing for the children who are dead.

We need to prevent this from happening at all.

This is why a person convicted of indecent acts with a child should never see the light of day as a free man (or woman). Ever.

Our Ivory Tower perverts will wax eloquently, claiming that sex offenders can be rehabilitated. Some misguided Christians will claim that Divine forgiveness implores us to let these offenders walk the streets, posing as a risk to children.

You have the right to believe that frogs have wings, too. And we know what frogs do because they have no wings.

How many children have to die? How many more Megan Kankas? Jessica Lunsfords? Jetseta Marrie Gages?

This will never change until our legal system repudiates the legacy of Alfred Kinsey, SIECUS, and their disciples at Indiana University.

Brainwashed: Ben Shapiro Hits a Homer

03/24/2005: Communism is the cure for world hunger…abstinence is harmful to your health…homosexuality is a most favored practice…Islam (and secularism) are the only peaceful religions…if it weren’t for Israel, the Middle East would be a beacon of peace for the whole world…The September 11 attacks were America’s fault…Bush is a terrorist…Bush and Cheney started the war in Iraq so they could get rich through Halilburton…Bush and Cheney started the war in Iraq so they could steal the oil…global warming will overtake the world in 4 years if Bush is not driven out of office…abortion is a virtue…Christians are the cause of all war.

This is exactly the nonsense that pervades American academia. Ben Shapiro–a wunderkid PoliSci grad from UCLA who is now in Harvard Law School–provides an entertaining (and angering) account of this in Brainwashed. He chronicles–with exceptional footnoting–the antics of America’s scholarly battalions.

Shapiro hardly restricts his accounts to the rantings of UCLA professors (although there are plenty of those). In fact, he includes rantings from professors all over the country: from UCLA to Stanford to MIT to Harvard and Yale. He provides Ivy League accounts…State college accounts…private university accounts…even community college accounts.

From gay rights promotions to pro-Islam crusades to overt Christian-bashing to straight sex, gay sex, animal sex, and even pedophilia, Shapiro provides the bad, worse, and super-gross. American academics have converted institutions of higher learning into bastions for degenerate behavior. Many courses and degree programs are devoted exclusively to gay culture, pornography, and “sexuality” studies.

In the midst of this, I have a few questions:

(1) Why does a college education cost so much if THIS is representative of the student experience?

(2) In the midst of state college budget crises, why don’t universities consider eliminating degree programs that provide no economic value to the workforce?

(3) Why is it that the university community–ever so defensive with respect to “academic freedom” and “diversity”–seeks to strangle the free speech of conservatives and evangelical Christians?

Many universities have banned pro-life groups. Many have tried to constrain Christian groups by imposing “diversity” standards (allowing homosexuals among their membership). Mike S. Adams–professor of Criminology at University of North Carolina at Wilmington–provides great insights into this as well, and even takes readers behind the scenes and details discrimination against conservative professors (Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel). Adams provides a behind-the-scenes perspective of a professor, while Shapiro gives the firsthand account of the student experience.

The saddening part is this: State colleges and universities are accountable to state legislatures, who are accountable to the voters. I’m not saying we need to take them over and turn them into bastions for conservatism; however, it behooves all of us to hold them accountable for spewing nonsense.

True diversity means more than including different shades of communism and perversion. There are plenty of academically-qualified conservatives and evangelicals who are summarily denied seats at the academic table. Shapiro points out the case of Ron Brown, a Nebraska coach who was denied the head coaching job at Stanford, due to his Christian faith.

This level of intolerance will only change when the people rise up and demand a better product.

Every parent with a child in college–or with a child who is considering college–needs to read Brainwashed.

Call in the Guard!

03/24/2005: Gov. Jeb Bush should call in the Florida National Guard in the Terri Schiavo case.

Terri has everything to lose; Bush has nothing to lose. He is in his final term as Governor and insists he will not run for President.

The Supreme Court has now ruled that this is a state issue. Jeb Bush is the Commander-in-Chief of the Florida National Guard. What can the Florida court system do to him? Send in the police? It is Jeb’s right to act in that capacity as Governor.

Any attempt to impeach Gov. Bush will fall flat: his party controls both houses of the legislature.

Besides…it’s not like President Bush–the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces–is going to send in the 82nd Airborne to block his brother.

It’s also time to start investigating Michael Schiavo for criminal neglect and even attempted murder. There are enough witnesses and evidence to form a prima facie case.

At the very least, Michael has proven that he is incompetent–due to conflicts of interests–to act in the best interests of his wife. Physicians do not agree on Terri’s condition. Some experts say she is a “permanent vegetative state”, while others–including a Nobel Prize nominee–say she would benefit considerably from rehabilitation.

I find it amusing that the same leftists–who have bitched and moaned about the atrocities of Abu Gharaib, in which Iraqi POWs were forced to wear panties on their heads–will defend to the hilt attempts to starve and dehydrate Terri Schiavo to death.

I find it amusing that the same leftists who decry the death penalty–claiming that putting someone to sleep with a lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment–will defend starving and dehydrating Terri Schiavo to death.

I find it amusing that the same New York Times–whose staff rightly describe the perils of world hunger–will claim that starvation and dehydration represent a painless way to die in their “Die Terri Die!” apologia.

It’s time for Jeb Bush to kick the lefties in the stones. It’s time for decisive action.

Come on Jeb. Do it. Call in the Guard.

A Deal for the Anti-Death Penalty Crowd

03/23/2005: Many people question why a person can be pro-life and still support the death penalty. Many of those questions come from people who support abortion rights but oppose the death penalty.

Without getting into too many details, there is ample justification–moral and Biblical–for the former position, while the latter is left-wing insanity.

That being said, I’m willing to strike a deal with death penalty opponents.

I would be happy to support the abolition of capital punishment, provided that the following provisions are included:

(1) Capital crimes must receive a punishment of life without parole, with no chance for commutation except on discovery of exonerating evidence or a formal pardon.

(2) Such legislation must also include a dismissal of abortion on demand, allowing it only for cases of danger to the woman’s life.

(3) Such legislation must also prohibit the denial of food and water, unless an incapacitated person has a living will or other incontrovertible evidence to that effect.

Anyone who supports those three items–on the same piece of legislation gets my vote.

While–in principle–I support the death penalty, I realize that there are many problems with its administration in America.

1. We have a spate of unscrupulous prosecutors.Many Illinois death row inmates would be resting with ants and roaches today, had Northwestern University not uncovered a barrage of abuses by prosecutors and police.

2. We are shamefully inconsistent in its application. It is shameful that–in the same week Texas executed Carla Faye Tucker, a formerly drug-addicted prostitute who hacked two people to death–the same state chose NOT to pursue the death penalty against Diane Zamora, a Naval Academy midship(person) who helped her boyfriend (an Air Force Academy cadet) kill a girl who slept with him.

On the other hand, I also loathe the fact that repeat sexual offenders–such as Kenneth Parnell and Jesse Timmendequas–were allowed on the streets to terrorize children. Parnell is the offender in the Stephen Stayner case, while Timmendequas raped and murdered Megan Kanka, whose death gave rise to Megan’s Law. And don’t forget John Evander Couoy–who raped and murdered Jessica Lunsford.

If we abolish the death penalty (which has a recidivism rate of zero), we must have an equitable way of punishing offenders who represent a clear and present danger to society. We must ensure that they will never be free to roam the streets.

To that end, I offer the compromise to the anti-death penalty crowd.

Anyone want to take me up on the offer?

The Talibanization of America

03/21/2005: Imagine you are in a country. A man is married, but has been involved in a ten-year affair. He has two children with the mistress. This man seeks–and gains–court approval to kill his wife. Every court level in the country supports the action.

In which country does this man live?

(a) Afghanistan (under the Taliban)
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) Iran (under Mullah rule)
(d) Iraq (under Saddam Hussein)
(e) The United States of America.

For all the talk of the advancement of women’s rights in America, Terry Schiavo sure isn’t seeing any of that. The judicial system is looking more and more like the rag-headed thugs who tyrannize Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Michael Schiavo claims he is acting within the best interests of his wife. I find that hard to believe, as he has:

(1) Denied her the most basic care. She has lost five teeth due to abcesses. Michael would not allow medical professionals to clean her teeth.

(2) Denied her access to therapeutic pets.

(3) Denied her access to any sunlight.

(4) Failed to provide for any therapy since receiving the $1 million judgment in 1992.

Given that he now has a common-law wife–with whom he has two children–he more resembles an Arab playboy from the Saudi royal family than a devoted husband. Any rational person would question his capacity to act within the best interests of Terri Schiavo, as he has a clear conflict of interests.

This is not about the “right to die”. If Terri had a living will, there would be no debate. The only word we have is that of Michael Schiavo, whose interests are corrupted by existing relationships.

This is about the government’s right to order someone to die without that person having been convicted of a crime.

I never thought I’d see our government take a Talibanistic approach, and allow a philandering husband to kill his wife.

This is the price of judicial tyranny. We now have black-robed Taliban who would inflict their own reign of terror on America.

Miscarriage of Congress

03/21/2005: Congress has reached a political “compromise” in the Terry Schiavo case that will fail Constitutional muster.

The Constitution specifically prohibits Congress from passing a “Bill of Attainder”, i.e., a bill that applies only to one person or family. This last-second act of Congress reconciles a generally-written House bill (that was Constitutional) with a narrowly-written Senate bill that is flagrantly un-Constitutional.

The latter is more than likely a poison-pill: it allowed many Democrats–and moderate republicans–to support a cause in which they did not believe, knowing it would not make it to first base on any reasonable rendering of the Constitution.

THIS is exactly why Congress is now irrelevant.

THIS is exactly why judicial appointments were the top election issue in 2004.

If Congress had the testicular fortitude to deal with this issue in a way that was serious, they would have written a general law that–with appropriate legalese–says, “No person whose involuntary capacities are functioning without artificial means–absent a living will or other incontrovertable evidence to the effect–shall be denied food and water.”

This would be general enough to pass Constitutional hurdles; it respects the right to life while providing a person the avenue to specify the extent of treatment that he or she may choose to forego. If Terry Schiavo is still alive as of the passing of that law, such a law would not be an ex post facto law (which is also banned in the Constitution).

This is not about the “right to die”: if Terry Schiavo had a living will–or other objective evidence (a philandering husband with a common-law wife does not count) that she wished to be disconnected in that situation, then we would not be having this debate.

In this case, the state has revoked a person’s right to life without a criminal conviction.

However, I will bet money that voters (a) don’t care, or (b) won’t remember this in the next election cycle.

Meanwhile, America inches closer to judicial tyranny…