Abortionista Leader Indicted for False Rape Charge

03/01/2006: Vox Day is reporting on a prominent feminista leader in Florida who is now in hot water for making a false report. Desiree Hall, President of Brevard County (Florida) chapter of the National Organization for Women, has been indicted for making a false charge of rape.

Last year, Hall alleged that two men raped her in a restroom. In the police investigation, the facts didn’t check out, and–in November–she tried to get police to abandon the investigation.

Vox makes a good point–sarcastically–about how many women have lied about having been raped. (Mike S. Adams–criminology professor at UNC-Wilmington–has also made these observations.)

I get angry when I see people making such faux allegations, as they help undergird an increasing wave of cynicism that could adversely impact those who are legitimate victims of such abuse.

That a “women’s rights” leader has been caught–panties down–in such a scandal is nothing short of deplorable. The spin-doctors are already working on the line: “She was only doing this to call attention to the issue of rape.

I guess I should set a terrorist on fire just to call attention to the dangers of playing with matches!

Sowell Rips Labor Unions

03/01/2006: In Part II of his Something for Nothing series, Thomas Sowell takes aim at labor unions, focusing in particular on General Motors contrasted with Toyota.

As a former Engineering Systems Engineer for EDS–who worked on location at Delco Remy division of General Motors–I agree with everything he has written. The union-management relationship destroyed that company. Today, most of the GM plants in Anderson, Indiana are pavement.