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March, 2006

Fred Reed on Women in Combat

03/01/2006: This is probably the best piece I’ve read on the issue.

Abortionista Leader Indicted for False Rape Charge

03/01/2006: Vox Day is reporting on a prominent feminista leader in Florida who is now in hot water for making a false report. Desiree Hall, President of Brevard County (Florida) chapter of the National Organization for Women, has been indicted for making a false charge of rape. Last year, Hall alleged that two men raped […]

Sowell Rips Labor Unions

03/01/2006: In Part II of his Something for Nothing series, Thomas Sowell takes aim at labor unions, focusing in particular on General Motors contrasted with Toyota. As a former Engineering Systems Engineer for EDS–who worked on location at Delco Remy division of General Motors–I agree with everything he has written. The union-management relationship destroyed that […]

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