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February, 2007

Ann Coulter on Global Warming

02/28/2007: This is why I am in love with the wonderful Ann Coulter. She just freaking nailed it, by pointing out not only the hypocrisy of the left, but also their Stalinist tendencies. In fact, modern Liberalism is Stalinism cross-dressed as societal compassion and environmental stewardship. I pointed out that–by beating the drum that led […]


02/26/2007: Well, that’s what some archeologists want you to believe anyhow. About 13 years ago, I read a book by Paul Maier–A Skeleton in God’s Closet. Every serious student of Scripture should read it. The novel is constructed around the possibility that a team of archeologists found the tomb, with Jesus’ body unmistakably entombed. The […]

It’s Scientific! Jesus Never Rose from the Dead!

…or at least that’s what the great men of faith at the Discovery Channel want you to believe. Quite frankly, this is evidence that the publicity surrounding the Anna Nicole Smith soap opera is winding down, and news outlets are losing ratings. Ergo, they need news to report, so they recycle a 10-year-old non-story. In […]

How a 29-Year-Old Sexual Predator Enrolled in Elementary School…

02/25/2007: The Phoenix New Times has a very riveting story about how a sexual predator–Neil Rodreick, age 29–enrolled into elementary school. Even worse was the complicity of his partners, Lonnie Stiffler (himself a convicted sex offender) and Robert Snow, in this. Stiffler was acting as the “grandfather” for the two “children” with whom he was […]

One More Reason to Avoid Fast Food…

02/24/2007: Rats take over a KFC.

Hooah!!! Snakes*** to Receive Medal of Honor

02/24/2007: Anyone who has seen We Were Soldiers, or read the book We Were Soldiers Once…and Young, will appreciate the heroics of Maj. Bruce Crandall–whose call sign was Snakeshit–the helicopter pilot who flew in the ammo, and got the wounded and dead out of Ia Drang, in a very hot combat zone. He will receive […]

Landis Got Cheated???

02/23/2007: If this is true, I will order a serving of crow, well-done.

Southern Baptists Coddling Pedophiles?

02/22/2007: Anyone–especially a minister–who molests children or tolerates pedophiles among the ranks of the shepherds–is lower than scum and ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I could care less what denomination he represents: Catholic, Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, or any shade thereof. By now, we are well aware […]

The Last I’ll Say about Anna Nicole Smith Case

02/22/2007: I have nothing to say regarding Anna Nicole Smith. She is dead, and I prefer to afford her the basic human dignities that I would want for myself had our roles been reversed. She made some very bad decisions, and now has no opportunity to make amends or receive atonement. For that, she gets […]

Presbyterrorist Church USA Continues to Wage name of Mother, Child, and Womb!

02/21/2007: Last year, I provided significant coverage of the decision of Riverside Presbyterian Church of Linn Grove, Iowa, to secede from the Presbyterrorist Church USA. The pastor–Russ Westbrook–is a friend of mine from my seminary days. Back then, the liberals were making their last stand, and Russ and I enjoyed debunking their nutball ideas. Well, […]

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