TX Gov Mandates Cervical Cancer Vaccine

02/02/2007: Forget about the notion that liberal Democrats are usurping your freedoms! Texas Governor Rick Perry, a conservative Republican, has decided–via executive fiat–to require that girls receive the cervical cancer vaccine.

Some will question why I am raising an issue of this, given that the cervical cancer vaccine–arguably the most important medical breakthrough in several decades–carries the prospect of eliminating cervical cancer entirely.

To that, I say it is all about government mandating what a person may put in his or her body. If they can mandate a vaccine, then they can mandate other things, such as RFID tags…

Man Found Guilty of Torturing Girlfriend

02/02/2007: Robert Drew Stephenson, 44, was convicted of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, and retaliation.

What did he do? He only kidnapped his girlfriend, beat her to a pulp, raped her, hung her by her feet, burned her back with a blowtorch, and poured drain cleaner on her.

Pilgrim and I could introduce him to some very inconvenient truths. The kind that involve a significant amount of “fleshing out”.

Dumb Schmucks of the Week: Turner Broadcasting

02/02/2007: Given that our law enforcement and national security apparati are antsy with respect to anything that has a remote appearance of terrorism, the folks at Turner Broadcasting have shown themselves to be hopelessly stupid.

When God was passing out brains, those idiots were on lunch break.

If this is indicative of the level of journalistic intelligence, then this explains why the quality of reporting has gone completely to crap over the past 60 years.