Semper Fi, Hank Bauer!

02/09/2007: Another hero from the greatest generation, Hank Bauer, who enlisted in the Marines after Pearl Harbor–and received two bronze stars and two purple hearts for action in Okinawa and Guadalcanal–has died. He was 84.

Oh, did I mention that he went on to become an integral part of the New York Yankees baseball teams that won 7 world series during the 1950s, and would also go on to manage the Baltimore Orioles to their first World Series championship?

Answering the Federal Air Marshal Dilemma

02/09/2007: In today’s Wall Street Journal, Laura Meckler and Susan Carey illustrate the problems faced by our 2,500-4,000 Air Marshals.

Unfortunately, neither Meckler nor Carey addresses a fundamental question that needs to be asked: why is this even a federal program?

We can make the airlines safer without expanding the federal bureaucracy. Here’s how…

(1) Congress can pass a law authorizing (nor mandating) airlines to form a concealed carry network. Participation in this network would be completely optional.

(2) Any citizen, airport worker, and aircrew member may apply for a carry permit that would allow for concealed carry on any flight with a participating airline.

(3) Granting of such permits would be contingent upon:

  • A clean criminal background check.
  • Successful completion of a training program that includes rigorous tactical situations and advanced marxmanship.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in all relevant skills.

(4) Permit holders would have to renew annually, with background checks every time.

(5) The program would be maintained by the airlines, not by the government.

This would allow the ranks of armed air travelers to swell from between 2,500-4,000 to well over 10,000. They would be as proficient–many even more so–in the use of firearms as any G-person is.

And they would not be government agents.

Westboro Baptist Church will Stay Away from Bardstown Funerals

02/09/2007: Two days ago, ten people were killed in a house fire in Bardstown, Kentucky. Yesterday, representatives from Westboro Baptist Church announced that they would demonstrate at the funeral, proclaiming that tragedies such as this are the result of a United States the condones homosexuality.

WHAS has confirmed that the Westboro folks have had a change of mind, and will not be demonstrating at the funeral.

Undoubtedly, this is the result of a public outcry that involved city and state officials, as well as citizens.

Personally, I wish the folks at Westboro would see a physician so they can get treatment for CRD (Cranio Rectal Disorder).