Why “Scientists” are Not to Be Trusted

03/31/2007: I put “scientists” in quotes because the movers and shakers in the scientific community are closer to scientologists than to Newton, Maxwell, and Einstein.

For the last couple decades, “scientists” have been telling us that we are on the verge of overpopulation. Thirty years ago, they claimed we were headed toward another ice age. We were told we had to take drastic measures to keep the population from spiking. Paul Ehrlich gave impetus to Zero Population Growth (ZPG) to pursue that end.

Now, the U.N. report–the so-called Holy Bible of Climate Change–is supposed to map our highway to extinction.

While humanity will survive, hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people may not, according to the chart—if the worst scenarios happens.

Before sciencists (as Vox Day calls them) became obsessed with global warming, they bitched and whined about population control. Now, it seems that–if the global warming models are correct–we will achieve such population control.


But that was before there was so much federal gravy–pork for science–at stake. Now, the same group of winners are pushing another button to gin up public hysteria.

This shows exactly why these bastards should not be trusted.

Why We Can’t Win GWoT

03/31/2007: Unlike the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal is hardly a fortress for anti-war activism. In fact, the WSJ folks have been exemplary in their coverage of the GWoT. Their editorial team has been very pro-Bush with respect to the war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also very supportive of Bush respect to the Gitmo detainees.

So front-page stories like this on their weekend edition are quite noteworthy. The story of Lt. Col. Stuart Couch–and his problems with the Ould Slahi case–reveal much about why the GWoT is not going well. In addition, I’ll add some more observations.

(1) Poor thinking from military commanders led to the bungling of the Slahi case. Don’t blame this on Col. Couch, who has served his office with honor and made a tough–but correct–decision.

(2) Fact is, the Bush Administration was wrong for taking high-value captives and deciding to subject them to a criminal justice process. This puts our prosecutors in a bind, as they cannot prosecute anyone on evidence that was obtained through torture. We should have waterboarded them, gleaned what we needed, then shot them. This is war, not Wimbledon.

(3) While I support physical coercion–such as waterboarding–in the process of extracting information, sexual abuse should be off-limits. The sexual act is a covenant act, and sexual abuse is–any way you slice it–an affront to that covenant act. Besides, there are ways to extract information without causing harm. (Remember: Muslims hate pork.)

(4) We did not allow our soldiers the authority to fight decisively early-on. When soldiers in Afghanistan must gain authorization–FROM THE PENTAGON–to hit a high-value target (200 Talibastards at a funeral), then decisive victory is not possible. (BTW: that authorization was denied.) That Gen. Petreaus is correcting much of this in Iraq is laudable; however, my concern is that this is a matter of too-little/too-late, as momentum on the home front has been lost for good.

(5) Our military leaders lack the stones to stand up for what is right. When chaplains are drummed out for praying in Jesus’ name, then we cannot reasonably expect God to bless our war efforts.

And we expect these leaders to deliver us victory in Iran?

Pedophile Posts “How To” Website

03/31/2007: Jack McClellan is a pedophile who has yet to be convicted. Because he has never been convicted, he can work in schools, day care centers, and even churches (assuming none of the above performs due diligence checks).

Sadly, this also shows that a criminal background check is not enough; McClellan would come out as clean as a whistle. Any organization–religious or otherwise–that provides services for children needs to have a process for screening out potential predators such as McClellan that includes web searches in addition to criminal records checks.

Even more sadly, scumbags like McClellan also hurt legitimate adult workers: we have reached a point at which adults must almost always refrain from any basic displays of affection toward children. Today, giving a child a hug–something once regarded as innocuous–puts such a one at risk of criminal investigation and/or prosecution.

The real losers, however, are the kids. That McClellan and his ilk are on the prowl will make it harder for children–and their parents–to trust anyone.

Oh, but they NEVER lie about rape!!!

03/31/2007: Except when their husbands catch them in the middle of extramarital romps.

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen…I beat Vox Day to the punch on this one. LOL

Seriously, this case is especially tragic for two people: Darrell Roberson (the husband) and Devin LaSalle, the man with whom Tracey Roberson was having the affair.

Roberson came home one night, only to find his wife and LaSalle “in the act” in a pickup truck.

When he confronted them, his wife cried rape, at which point Roberson pulled his gun and shot LaSalle in the head.

This is tragic for Roberson, as civilized people don’t generally enjoy killing other people. On top of that, he had to deal with the legal issues of retaining a lawyer. While he was not charged in this case, he may still be wide open for a civil suit by LaSalle’s family. As his wife goes on trial, the details of their intimate life will be laid out for the whole world to see.

As for LaSalle, I don’t know what his spiritual condition was, but I DO know this much: I would not want to face God knowing the last thing I did while I was alive on this earth was have sex with another man’s wife.

Dobson Needs Big Cup of STFU

03/29/2007: To his credit, James Dobson has a legitimate place in Christian ministry: his Focus On The Family ministry has provided lots of sound advice and counseling regarding family matters.

However, in political matters, he has grown too big for his britches. He is now–without personal knowledge of potential GOP Presidential candidate Fred Thompson (R-TN)–trying to evaluate Thompson’s Christianity:

Everyone knows he’s conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for…[But] I don’t think he’s a Christian. At least that’s my impression.

And on WHAT basis does he make that impression? That Thompson does not put up those pandering plastic-as-a-credit-card promotions of his “dedication to Jesus Christ”?

Whatever happened to giving a person the benefit of a doubt?
A couple years ago, Pat Robertson provided tacit endorsement of Red China’s forced abortion policy, and even suggested that we kill Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. That coming from a former GOP Presidential candidate who fashions himself as a voice of Christian conservatism.

A few months ago, Jerry Falwell intoned that he could support Mitt Romney–a faux conservative who is pro-choice, pro gay rights, anti-gun, and who has a spotty record on economic matters, and who incidentally happens to be a Mormon.

Now, we have Dobson trashing a real conservative based on hunches.

It’s time for Christian conservatives to tell these so-called leaders to drink a nice, big cup of STFU.

More Bad Housing Data

03/26/2007: New home sales are now at their lowest level in seven years.

New home sales in February fell 18.3% compared to a year ago.

And that is just with the first round in “adjustments” in those adjustable rate mortages (ARMs). As more and more borrowers find their rates “adjusting”, foreclosures will spike more than ever before.

Right now, most ARM-related foreclosures are happening in the subprime market. It is only a matter of time before those “adjustments” start impacting prime borrowers–speculative investors and families with “jumbo” loans. (Most “jumbo” loans–those for amounts more than $400,000–are ARMs.)

If you have an ARM, you needto refinance to a fixed rate loan while you can. It will cost you some money to do that now, but not nearly as much as you will pay when interest rates start going up again.

And make no mistake…they will go up.

So You Want to Trust “International Law”?

03/24/2007: When people suggest that we should look at international legal trends in order to render proper interpretations of our own Constitution, they fail to account for why we should not trust opinions such as these.

In this case, a muslim woman pleaded for a divorce–in Germany–on grounds that her husband was abusive. The judge, Christa Datz-Winter, denied her request for a quick divorce. Her rationale:

Moroccan cultural environment in which it is not uncommon for a man to exert a right of corporal punishment over his wife.

So if a parent comes from a culture that has been known to permit pedophilia, does that negate any legitimate governent interest in protecting a child from such abuse? Does that mean that women in Michigan–where there is a large Arab-Muslim constituency–can be denied divorce on grounds that the husbands merely come from cultures in which “it is not uncommon for a man to exert a right of corporal punishment over his wife”?

As Ann Coulter would say, it appears that Liberals have finally found a group of fundamentalists that they support.

UF Faculty Says FU to Gov. Bush

03/24/2007: The University of Florida Faculty Senate has shown the world how out of touch they are with reality, with their refusal–by a vote of 38-28–to confer an honorary degree to Gov. Jeb Bush, who left office in January.

Arguably, Jeb Bush is the only real conservative in the Bush family. If not for Dubya’s blunders–that have created a Bush Fatigue in America–Jeb would be a bona fide frontrunner in 2008.

He has navigated his state through very difficult times, managing to implement many reforms in education, while balancing the budget and not breaking the backs of Florida taxpayers.

But don’t tell that to the academicians at UF, a pathetic of bunch left-wing hacks who are still bitter because their buddy–Al Gore–couldn’t steal the election in 2000.

I Will Never Root for UK Again

03/22/2007: After all the abuse Tubby Smith took during his ten seasons at UK, I can only conclude that UK fans–while there are exceptions to this rule–are the most pathetic, spoiled bunch of diaper-pooping infants on the face of the earth. (I’d use stronger language, but this IS a Christian blog so I usually TRY to keep it clean.)

Tubby Smith is better than UK fans deserve. He fell victim to a poor recruiting cycle–something that happens to the best coaches. In spite of that, and in spite of playing the hardest schedule in college basketball (UK played North Carolina, Kansas twice, UCLA, Florida twice, Vanderbilt twice, Memphis, and Louisville), he made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney, losing to Kansas. He fared no worse than Rick Pitino–who lost in the same round, or Bobby Knight–who lost in the first round, or Jim Boeheim (Syracuse)–who went to the NIT, or Mike Krzyzewski–who lost in the first round.

He lost a top player–Rajan Rondo, who jumped over to the NBA. His top player, Randolph Morris, missed 14 games for trying to go the NBA.

In spite of that, UK fared better than Duke this year.

With some fine potential recruits–and with Morris perhaps returning for his senior year–UK had some potential for next year. But in the end, Tubby apparently decided that it wasn’t worth the aggravation, as he is taking a $2.5 million per year deal to coach the University of Minnesota.

Vox Day will have a reason to root for the Gophers.

Come to think of it, so will I.