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April, 2007

9/11 “Truthers” Can Shut up Now

04/30/2007: Anyone who doubts whether the heat of the fire could have melted the steel structure on September 11, can put those doubts to rest. That scenario has now been–unintentionally–subjected to empirical review. Ergo, Rosie O’Donnell, Paul Craig Roberts, and the other “truthers” who wish to promote their nutball conspiracy theories can now have a […]

SBC Leader Land Handicapping Politicos

In the Weekend Wall Street Journal, Richard Land–the President of Ethics and Religious Liberty for the Southern Baptist Convention–was the feature interviewee of the week on the editorial page. Naomi Schaefer Riley was the interviewer. I was neither surprised nor stunned at Land’s appearance in the WSJ–discussing political candidates–but rather put off by the sheer […]

The Telos of Feminism in the Church

04/27/2007: Today, Southern Seminary President Al Mohler highlights exactly what The Church is facing. What is happening among mainline denominations awaits evangelicals unless they repudiate feminism and make a more concerted return to Biblical Christianity. Where Mohler is absolutely correct, he doesn’t go far enough. He does a fine job of highlighting the absurdities in […]

Coulterpalooza of the Day

04/27/2007: This, from my dear sweetie Ann Coulter: Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the public expressions of shame and contrition from the Korean-American community after the Virginia Tech shooting? Of course, no one blames this exemplary community for the actions of one nut. The Koreans are manifestly law-abiding and decent — nipping at […]

News Flash: Religion is Good for Kids!

04/25/2007: I’m sure Vox Day is going to be having fun with the results of this study, as it is one more empirical thorn in the collective flesh of atheism. I find it amusing that precious tax money was spent on a study the results of which should have been obvious to anyone with at […]

U.S. Economy Becoming More Irrelevant

04/23/2007: In today’s Wall Street Journal, Craig Karmin and Joanna Slater report that the correlation between the U.S.and foreign stock markets is disappearing. On one hand, that is good news, as it offers investors a more reliable diversification of risks. On the other hand, it signifies the increasing irrelevance of the U.S. economy. As India, […]

78-Year-Old Grandma Lands Plane After Engine Quits

04/21/2007: I like Emma Hanner’s one-liner about her situation: When the propeller on the front of the plane goes around, it keeps the pilot cool. But when it stops, that’s when the pilot starts to sweat. In cases like that, pilot temperature is inversely proportional to altitude. This also reminds me of a sign that […]

Ilana Mercer Nails It on the VT Shooter

04/20/2007: This is perhaps the best-written piece I have seen on the matter.

Reflection on the Duke Lacrosse Non-Case

04/11/2007: I’ve got several rants with respect to the Duke lacrosse non-case. Here goes. WARNING: this post contains obscenities. (1) WTF were the lacrosse players smoking? Bringing a stripper into the same company with a large number of testosterone-crazed men–with no independent chapparone or witness–was extremely risky. While I agree that they were innocent of […]

ADULT Stem-Cell Advancement, Part 2: Chagas Disease

04/11/2007: In today’s Wall Street Journal, Antonio Regaldo reports on advancements in the treatment of Chagos disease, in which bone-marrow stem cells have prolonged the life of Chagas sufferers. Still awaiting a demonstrable treatment–that does not also produce cancer–from embryonic stem cells. :::listening to crickets::::

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