Obama Has More Preacher Issues than McCain

I’m sure that Presidential candidates look forward to pastoral endorsements just as they look forward to proctological exams. Truth be told, they probably wish ministers would drink a nice big cup of STHU and stay out of politics. No doubt John McCain had similar–even saltier–words (off camera of course) for John Hagee and Rod Parsley.

Then there is Barack Obama (D-IL), who seems to need a pastor on his team. When his longtime pastor–Jeremiah Wright–suddenly became to radical for Obama’s electoral hopes, the magic one ditched him.

Now, it seems that his new pastoral support, Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, has also contracted foot-in-mouth disease.

Retired Marine Convicted of Sex with Cambodian Girls

The Marines should recall retired Captain Michael Joseph Pepe–who was convicted in federal court of having sex with pre-teen girls while working as a teacher in Cambodia–and then court-marshal him, strip him of his rank, and hand him a dishonorable discharge. He is a disgrace to the Marine Corps.

After they’ve done that, Pilgrim and I can use his service in our human stress experiments in the mountains of Kentucky.

Being Lean Does Not Remove Diabetes Risk

As someone with familial risk of diabetes, who is otherwise in very good condition, this is not encouraging at all.

On the other hand, this does form a case for the lower-carb dietary regimen. Diabetes seems to be fomented by the higher-carb diets that many Americans eat.

Compounding matters, folks like myself–who spend almost as much time on an elliptical cross trainer as they do sleeping–tend to “carbo-load”, consume high volumes of carbohydrates, prior to working out.

(This usually helps me prevent hypoglycemic events, and also prevents my weight from dropping to dangerously-low levels.)

I guess I’ll be experimenting with the lower-carb/higher protein diet as I reduce my workout time. Hopefully, that will (a) allow me to work out without bonking, and (b) alleviate the need for carbo-loading, and (c) mitigate my diabetes risk.

Unfortunately, it will probably take a couple months before I settle on the proper carbohydrate/protein/fat breakdown that works for me.

Maybe when I figure it all out, I’ll forge a side career as a sports nutritionist. 😉

PCUSA Loses to Riverside Presbyterian Church

Riverside Presbyterian Church (Linn Grove, IA) has been in a nearly two-year battle with the Presbyterrorist Church USA over the disposition of the church building and parsonage.

In 2006, Riverside–like other Presbyterian churches outraged at the PCUSA’s embracement of lunacy and heresy–voted overwhelmingly to defect from the PCUSA and align with the PCA. The PCUSA responded by suing Riverside, demanding the possession of the church and parsonage and eviction of the pastor, Russ Westbrook.

Even though the church and parsonage were dilapidated and worth far less than advertised, Westbrook and Riverside decided to fight the lawsuit due to the implications that the case could have for other churches whose members were defecting. (I was aware of the case, but was told to maintain e-silence on this because of legal matters that were pending.)

That battle is over. And Riverside has won this round of the War on Presbyterror.

One More Reason to Demolish U.N. Building

Dore Gold, in Tower of Babble, chronicles the history of the United Nations, and their incursions into other countries’ affairs. In every substantial conflict, the U.N. has either failed to make the situation better, or made it worse.

Name the conflict–the Arab-Israeli conflicts, the Korean war, the Rwanda massacre–the U.N. has been an utter disaster.

On top of that, they even suck at humanitarian work. Yesterday, I provided a reference to an article about their widespread sexual abuses. Today, we are learning that the procurement processes at their $5 billion anti-poverty agency is a gigantic mess.

Quit trying to reform the United Nations; get the United States OUT of the United Nations. If Bush wants to salvage his legacy, he can end our relationship with this wretched band of crooks, thugs, and child molesters.

Give everyone 30 days to vacate the building. Then demolish it.

Guinness. Extra Stout. To the demise of the United Nations.

Hillary Lets Cat Out of Bag

It gets amusing when Hillary has an unguarded moment in which she lets us see the real bitch inside

The only thing she forgot to mention was Vince Foster’s suicide. Ya never know what could be going on inside Obama’s head. He might be getting really despondent. People who tangle with the Clintons have a tendency to get suicidal.

I say the Secret Service needs to put Obama on suicide watch any time he’s near Hillary’s people.

Seriously…Hillary invoked the RFK assassination. And, sadly, this is not out of the realm of possibilities. Any number of people–from white supremacists to Clinton supporters to gun controllers–would stand to gain if a nutball pulled a Sirhan Sirhan.

Ergo, I hope the Secret Service does a stellar job and protects Clinton, McCain, and Obama. Because all we need is one nutbag, and we would end up with a disaster unseen since 1968.

Anyone who wishes for that is a complete schmuck.