From “Hate Crime” to “Thought Crime”

The wonders never cease.

Don’t get me wrong: hanging an effigy of Presidential candidate Barack Obama–or Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin–is low and classless. I’m not into effigies, never have been, and can’t say that I ever will be.

But I want to know a few things:

  1. Why is that a state crime, let alone a federal one?
  2. Who was “assaulted”?
  3. If I hung an effigy of Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, or any prominent U.N. official (if they were in-country), would it also be a “hate crime”?
  4. Given that we are now developing technology that literally can read a person’s mind, when are we going to start prosecuting people for “thought crimes”, too? I’m taking bets on that one.

The First Amendment is what it is; I say let people engage in political rhetoric as they choose, as long as they aren’t physically threatening someone. If you threaten to kill–or harm–someone, that’s one thing. Effigies are a different matter. If they engage in violent attacks against other people, then prosecute them without compunction.

(If you burn a cross in my yard, you won’t have to worry about being prosecuted.)

That said, “hate crimes” are just a state ploy to engage in social engineering. Today it is “hate crimes”, tomorrow it will be “thought crimes”.

He’s A Keeper

I continue to learn a lot out here at Amir Larijani and the Order of Recon … both through what Amir writes and through what you write in the comments. The learned perspective about single men and single women and dating has been invaluable and broadened my thinking in ways it needed to be stretched.

I think that we, as a people, tend to be egocentric. It takes life to happen to draw us out of ourselves and into the reality of other’s lives. The twenty years I was married I lived in a sort of “Married Bubble,” completely unaware of the single world. Becoming single-again through divorce drew me out of myself and my married world and into the reality of adults who are single for all different kinds of reasons.

I have specifically learned about men and single men out here … lessons I have needed to learn.

I had a date with a man this past summer whom I had only emailed a few times and spoken with on the phone. I was very uncertain, but I wanted to give him a chance.

I spent the first part of the date praying that God would show me a nice way to tell him I didn’t want to see him again. I was looking all around the restaurant … anywhere but at him. Then something said I should give him a chance and at least look him in the eyes while we were talking. So, I did. And the date ended up lasting four hours as we sat at the table in the restaurant till closing, talking, laughing, asking questions, understanding, connecting.

There have been many times since then I just knew “it” was over, but then I would take my “two steps back,” as my Mentor would always say. And I would stop and give him a chance, as I learned from Amir and others out here. And he continues to surprise me to this day.

We are very different in many ways, and there are things about him that, on paper, would have caused the previous-to-learning-the-many-things-I-have-out-here-Me to have written him off. I find myself thankful for what I have you have taught me … and thankful for him.

I have said often that the most important quality for me in a man is that he is teachable. This man who is almost seven years my senior continues to amaze me with how teachable, how willing to learn, he is. Just this week he amazed me again. Having heard what I had to say about a part of his life, he ingested my words, applied them within his own personality, withOUT resentment and WITH gratitude. He values our differences; he values that I am different from him; he values the parts of me that know more than he in different areas of life.

His is far from perfect. And, he is a man, and I am a woman … we clash sometimes. But we work through conflict. He allows me to disagree with him and be angry with him. He is patient where I am not; I am patient where he is not. Although he doesn’t know what his number is, his IQ is higher than mine. Still he never looks down on me; he is never condescending. He is kind-hearted and caring and yet firm and strong.

He spent half his growing-up years in the city and half in the country. The country trumped the city, and he is much more a country-boy. He’s shot and skinned just about everything but a human, eats what he kills, and talks in a slow, very-East-Texas drawl that has caused both my girls and myself to have to slow our pace of life quite a bit. He eats things I won’t even watch him eat much less eat myself! He doesn’t mind snakes as long as he sees them first.

I grew up on the beach and am much more a city girl … I do NOT like snakes or being bitten by anything flying or crawling around out there. He can live off the land. I require electricity and indoor-plumbing. He wants to take us camping … I’ve researched and found a tent with power and a private, portable, camping bathroom. 

He has two children who are both married in their twenties, and a son who is two months younger than my Oldest. The three kids get along amazingly well. His son is intellectually at the same level as my Oldest and at the same maturity level as my Youngest … surprisingly perfect “fit.” My girls think it will be “fun” to have a step brother to fight with and not just a sister. (Oh, happy me)

He has seen me in various hormonal states, without makeup, loose it with my kids momentarily, grumpy, whiney, crying, sappy, goofy, silly, serious, fun, playful, determined, intense, relaxed, and for some bizarre reason, he loves me just the way I am and doesn’t try to change me OR get angry with me for being me.

I’m learning a lot. I’m learning to not fear a healthy, kind man. I’m learning that not all men are abusers. My girls are also learning that there are kind men out there and that not all men are mean like their dad.

Had I not learned what you have taught me out here, I probably would not have given this guy a chance. But you men have taught me well. I’ve stuck by this one, given him a chance, and I really believe he’s a keeper.


UN: Foxes Aren’t Even Trying to Guard Henhouse

In contrast to the current plan of action, I have a better idea, best summed-up in a 4-part plan:

  1. Remove the United States from the United Nations, effective immediately.
  2. Give all parties a 30-day notice to vacate the U.N. building.
  3. Demolish the building.
  4. Pursue crimes-against-humanity charges for all U.N. workers involved in fraud, sexual abuse, or other assaults on human dignity.

It’s long past freakin’ time to call the United Nations what it is: the largest terrorist organization in the world.