Becoming and Appreciating

Welp. 2008 is almost gone. I hear echoing in my brain the many sermons I’ve heard over the years that go something like this, “Some of you have had the best year of your life, and some of you have had the worst year of your life . . .”

I’ve experienced some of both, but that’s for the violins, and I’m not into violins tonight.

What I am into is what I’ve become and what I’ve learned to appreciate this past year. I’ve become much more pessimistic and cautious. And what I’ve learned is to appreciate the endless energy and optimism and hope of youth. As I’ve become more callous, I’ve become more thankful for those who have yet to experience anything in life that would curb these qualities.

I’ve learned that energy is not wasted on the youth even though they lack wisdom gained from experience and are often reckless. I’ve learned that God did not make a design mistake when He created the life cycle of humanity. And I’ve learned to appreciate how God created us.

(Can you imagine older, mature adults with wisdom gained from experience also possessing the energy of youth? Golly gee … they would over-think things to the point that nothing would ever get done!)

So as a middle-aged adult with wisdom gained from more experience than even Recon would want in all of his nine lives … and the exhaustion and skepticism that comes with such experience, I find myself thankful, grateful, for those with energy and hope … and impulsive recklessness. And more importantly, I find myself grateful that God created us this way.

So . . . cheers to youth!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll turn in and go to bed. (Oh, shoot … can’t do that yet … I’ve still got my two girls and my step-son-to-be still up … and sibling rivalry and fighting has already begun to settle in … and if I leave the kitchen undone, it will still be undone in the morning. Okay … I’ll clean up and monitor kids … then go to sleep.)

Happy New Year


Recon’s Random Thoughts

(1) Atheists are either stupid or crazy. Anyone who appreciates the athleticism of birds and cats–like me–and does not believe in a kick-ass intelligence behind all of this, has a few screws loose.

(2) Christmas sucks. I hate it when my dad takes off and goes to Philly for a couple days. He gives great catnip treats, though!

(3) I’d like to shit on the grave of Bruce Pardot. So would my dad, but he doesn’t want to go to California.

(4) Ann Coulter is HOT!

(5) I would be a far better President than McCain or Obama. I’m better looking, too. If I get elected in 2012, does Amir get to be the First Dad?

(6) I’ve got the coolest dad.

(7) The Republican Party is a bunch of traitors. Bush is a traitor for embracing socialism. My dad might end up working till age 100 to pay for all these damn bailouts.

(8) My sister–Sneaky–has more brains than Obama.

(9) Child molesters have three big enemies: me, Amir, and Pilgrim. Amir has two uncles–Black and Decker–to whom he would like to introduce a few of these predators. Pilgrim prefers a good old fashioned knife. I hope they save some work for me…

(10) I’m so glad Shanahan got fired at Denver. he’s in the middle of building an enormous house there–we’re talking tens of millions of dollars. His cash flow just went to crap!

Hockey Prospect Engaged in Blood Doping

This should serve as a warning to those who wish to cheat their way to success.

The big stars are getting caught, and they are paying a price that cannot be measured in dollars.

Roger Clemens was a fine pitcher who refused to accept that his body was aging. Instead of moving on to a post-baseball career, he turned to steroids. Sure, he won a few World Series rings. Sure, he win his 300 games. Sure, he won a few more Cy Young Awards. But he’ll never make it to Cooperstown, and he may find himself sharing a jail cell with Bubba.

Barry Bonds was a great hitter, who had Hall of Fame credentials long before he turned to steroids. But in 1998, while he put up great numbers, Sammy and Mac–who were juicing up–were in the mother of all home run contests. Had Bonds stuck to his game, he’d be in the Hall right now. Instead, he’s facing multiple felony charges, and can forget about Cooperstown.

Mark McGwire was a likeable player: he had all the personality that Bonds did not have. And he hit lots of home runs. Why Mac chose to juice up is puzzling. Maybe it was because of the advice and influence of his teammate Jose Canseco. Maybe it was a perfectionist desire to be the best. Maybe it was an attempt to keep a career going long enough to put up Cooperstown-caliber numbers. Only Mac knows.

Other players–Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Chuck Knoblauch, Andy Pettite, Jose Canseco–have been found out. And that’s just baseball.

In other sports, Olympic Medalists have been disgraced, and even went to jail. Ben Johnson lost the gold medal to Carl Lewis; Marion Jones had to give up all her medals, and even spent time in jail for fraud. The sad part: her teammates, who won relay medals, had to return the fruit of their labor, all because their teammate cheated.

And in the world of cycling, it’s more appropriate to ask who hasn’t cheated. Floyd Landis may never stop protesting, but he’s guilty as sin.

As for Alexei Cherepanov, it’s doubly tragic because his doping probably cost him his life. What advantage did doping provide him? I dunno. Doping is more common in the ultra-endurance sports. But Hockey is not long-distance cycling or cross-country skiing. Whatever marginal advantages that Cherepenov realized by doping, he could have exceeded with better discipline and harder work.

Oprah Fooled AGAIN!

Herman Rosenblat and his wife have much for which to be proud. A survivor of the Holocaust, he would move on to the United States, marry, and enjoy a successful life. Anyone who has remained married for 50 years has done something right.

Unfortunately, embellishing the story of how he met his wife–he met her not in a prison camp but rather in New York, on a blind date–is not one of those things.

I am, however, amused at Oprah Winfrey, who was fooled–hool, line, and sinker–by the story. Especially given that she has been fooled before.

Child Trafficking: Imported to America from

[surprise!]–Africa! With operations like that, Pilgrim and myself could become contractors, making lots of money–even working at reduced rates–while removing these human trafficking vermin from the face of the earth.

As for the “family” that smuggled her into the States, they are getting off easy. Too freaking bad that their assets are not frozen, with most of them going to Shyima.

Post-Christmas Random

My Christmas week . . . is over. I’m glad. It was a week that reflected this past year … a week fraught with great joy and tiring, trying exhaustion. Youngest began her new med from her specialist Tuesday night … was throwing up more Wednesday … it splashed in my face … I was sick Thursday … she and I slept in my bed most of the day. Still, it was a nice Christmas.

My ex continued his super-extreme-a$$-trip he’s been on for the last few weeks … working very hard to make our lives a living hell.

Struggled through the week with a difficult conflict with my fiance. This was challenging because it really was some tough stuff … and because I’m still struggling with fears of how conflict used to be in my home growing up and in my first marriage. And as much as I’ve longed to be treated with kindness and love and respect, learning how to accept such is difficult. (Thanks to Heather for helping me sort through it all.)

My mom sent us money to go out on a date for Christmas, so at the insistance of my fiance, we went out on an adult date to a really nice restaurant and then to see Valkyrie Friday night after my girls went to their dad’s. Excellent food. Excellent movie. Can’t remember the last time I went to the movie theater … and saw an adult movie! I always have so much to do that taking time out for such stuff falls way down on my list to places I rarely get to. I’m having to learn to let someone take care of me and pamper me … NOT easy … but I’m working on it … and he is MUCH more patient than I deserve.

My baby-niece, whom I absolutely adore, turned 18 yesterday. Now where did THAT time fly?!!!

I think this new med is going to work for my Youngest. There have been significant, positive results the last two days. I don’t even have the words to describe how HUGE this is … for all of us.

I’m working this week. That’s really good; I need the money. Since school is out, I will have five children in my home Monday and Tuesday, and I will have six children in my home Wednesday and Friday. I’ll have Thursday off.

Yes … I have an ample supply of motrin 😉