Another Obama Pick Cheated on His Taxes

WTF is it with these guys? Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) cheated on over $100,000 in taxes. If you or I did that, the IRS would throw the book at us, charging us for the taxes, including interest and penalties. If we were lucky, we’d be able to avoid going to jail.

Instead, in Daschle’s case, it won’t stop his appointment because the GOP has no balls.

Relishing in the Moment for as Looong as I Can

As we all know, parenting is often 90% hard work and 10% fun … or something like that … or so it seems somedays. We work and work and work to instill truth and manners and courtesy and obedience into our children, often feeling like we’re a broken record player being played over scratchy speakers to a brick wall.

Then … out of nowhere … in the midst of the 90% … something clicks somewhere in their developing brains … a light comes on somewhere deep in the recessesĀ in places parents wonder if they even exist … and your child proves that, yes, you are a good parent … and all the wisdom and parenting you have been doing for the last eleven years is, as unbelievable as it may seem sometimes, not in vain.

Mom was picking up Baby and Buddy, the 5 month old and just-turned-three-yesterday-year-old, that I keep everyday while she goes to work, with her 7 year old in tow, and my two at the end of the week wanting to all play together, but this is not the night … and I’m outside helping Mom get three kids in the car, and Buddy gets his fingers closed in the door of the car, and I run into the house to prepare an ice wrap for his hand (I’ve got it down pat as I’ve had LOTS of experience), and my two girls decide it’s cat’s and dog’s time in the house and there’s some verbal/physical explosion going on. I separate my NINE and ELEVEN year old children (thinking I just sent the babies to their Mom), and I try to get the truth out of them. Ahhh … one of those delightful parenting moments.

Oldest goes to her room. Youngest is pouting because her sister made her feel bad. Yada yada yada. I procede to change out the laundry since I’m having to wash all their bedding each day in hot water to get rid of the lice their dad failed to do in a whole week … when my Oldest comes out of her room and begins to speak to me.

I pulled out of the laundry room because it’s difficult to hear with the washer and dryer both going at the same time, and my Eleven year-old-daughter says to me, “I’m the one who grabbed Sister and pulled her away. I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me.”

Okay, first of all, I’m trying to keep myself from having to be peeled off the floor. My Oldest is my one to hold a grudge for as looong as she can possibly get away with it … and it’s been less than five minutes! And she’s also my one who can find everyone else to blame except herself, including the fly on the wall and the dog in the dog pen. I hold her hands and lift her face and say to her, “I am so hugely proud of you right this moment!”

She looks at me as if I’ve just lost my mind. I said again, “I am so extremely, hugely proud of you! You just came out and admitted you were wrong (HUGE HUGE HUGE), and you apologized, AND you did it SOOO quickly! It’s not even been five minutes!” She gleamed from ear to ear, and her eyes sparkled.

Now I went in for the kill, and I just knew it would all be over at that moment, but, alas, she proved me wrong. “Now you need to apologize to your sister.” And she turned right around and apologized to her sister, taking responsibility for what she did! NOT blaming anyone! Not even the dog!!!

I’m going to relish this moment for as long as I possibly can, smiling in the moment, dragging the moment out. I am so proud of my daughter. She really and truly IS growing up.

I may let her give lessons to our government leaders someday. šŸ™‚


As They Say in the Military…

“Welcome to the suck!”

You know the recession is bad when Starbucks is even laying people off. They’re closing 300 more stores, and axing 6,000 jobs. Their CEO is cutting his salary to $10,000 per year, or $4 per month after including health care benefits.

They did manage to eke out a profit for the first quarter, though. That must have been due to people like myself buying those Vivano shakes a couple times per week.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

The Federal Reserve is mounting the ultimate struggle in futility. Their attempts to rescue the economy have been disastrously ineffective: they have failed to stimulate economic activity while sticking Americans with bailout commitments that exceed the inflation-adjusted cost of World war II.

Currently, interest rate targets are near zero, but banks aren’t lending money. In addition to the TARP funds–which amount to more than $700 billion–the Treasury has printed over $2 trillion and has assumed over $8 trillion in additional liabilities in AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie mac. A trillion here, a trillion there…

Now, the Fed is talking of buying Treasurys, in order to stimulate economic activity.

With that news, I have a few questions:

(1) Isn’t China already buying our Treasurys?

(2) If China is buying our Treasurys, but that fails to stimulate the economy, then how is the Fed’s buying of our Treasurys going to create any marginal confidence?

(3) If the Fed starts buying Treasurys, then would that help or hurt Chinese confidence in them?

(4) Where is theĀ Fed getting the money to buy those Treasurys?

(5) How can the Fed do this–especially to the extent that seems necessary–without stoking the mother of all inflation backlashes?

(6) If I have a stiff drink–like a Manhattan–would that make this picture more or less clear?